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Husband Sending His Wife’s Uncropped Photo To Entire Family, Sparks A Scandal

The woman was left mortified on realizing what her husband had done!

Source: lessonlearnedinlife

Our partners sometimes can make us embarrassed in ways no one else can. This woman is a typical example. After having just given birth, she was left mortified after her excited husband sent a picture of her holding their baby to their family. What is wrong with that? Well, her husband forgot to crop the photo and everyone could see her g*enit*als. The mother felt embarrassed and shared her story on TikTok and has gone viral since then.

The woman with the username @wenfreed on Tiktok explained that her husband had sent photos that were taken in the delivery room just moments after their baby was born. What this husband failed to notice was that hospital gown of his wife was still up around her waist leaving everything below the hips on show. In the video, the mother-of-three can be seen visibly embarrassed as she recollects what happened that day. This video has gone viral with over 715,000 views.

Screencapture / @wenfreed / TikTok

The mom wrote: “Remembering when my husband sent pics to his whole family on a group text just after our son was born without cropping them,”. After that, she shared the photo which had the shocked face emoji censoring a part of it and explained that she was “completely uncovered from the waist down, legs still in stirrups”.

Screencapture / @wenfreed / TikTok

The video gained over 24,000 likes and 280 comments and many people sympathized with her. Here are some comments from the fellow users:
“Oh nooooo lololol I’m so sorry.”
“I thought this was gonna be about your face…. like looking dishevelled after labour and not cropping you out the pic. But this is SO much better,”
“Well at least you know you’re a part of the family now.”
“I had an c emergency section and he sent them a picture of my daughter COMING OUT OF ME. You could see my kidneys in the background.”
“Yep, pic of the baby on the scale with me getting stitched up in the background. Straight on view,”

Source: Mirror, lessonlearnedinlife