How to tell if a girl likes you: 20 clear signs!

Here is the thing:

If boys could only get a glimpse of what was going on in a girl’s head, many problems would be solved.

Adding this to “Fear of rejection” makes it difficult to challenge a girl.

How do you know if anyone likes you who goes out with you?

If you do not want to ask them directly, you must be satisfied with the best thing to do: you have to choose psychological and body language keywords to see if a girl likes you or not.

According to the experts, here are 12 clues that a woman likes:

1. She looks at you

You can say a lot about how often someone looks at you. Nothing shouts anymore “I’m interested” as a constant eye contact.

According to Jack Schafer, a former FBI behavior analyst:

“People are turning to those they love and avoid looking at those they do not like.”

It’s as simple as that. If a girl does her best to avoid eye contact with you, it’s probably not her interest.

When someone is attracted to you, they keep looking at you – consciously or unconsciously. You can not change it.

Schafer explains:

“Neurochemical oxytocin may be responsible for increased eye contact, and increased levels of oxytocin increase vision and well-being, increasing mutual attraction.”

What can not be seen, look at her in the eyes, if you want to keep her interested. Writing or chatting with her online is not the same thing, especially if you want it to be more than just a swarm.

Psychologist Dr. Suzana Flores advises:

“If someone is in love with you, he will fix your eyes more directly and for longer, they want to be completely with you, which is why it is so important to interact with a loving interest in the person, not just with a digital connection, we have to connect emotionally through visual contact. ”

2. She “mirrors” you

Expert opinion is that “mirroring” is an important sign that someone loves you.

A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that “behavioral mimicry” is an attraction.

Jane McGonigal, researcher and author of The New York Times bestseller Reality Is Broken, reflects the calls and reflects a “love detector”.

She explains:

“Every day we reflect the people we love – with our facial expressions, with our body language, even with our breathing and our heartbeat.

“And the more we feel that we really understand someone, that we are really in touch with them, that we really click with them, the more likely we are to physically reflect what they are doing.”

If this reflects your actions (such as crossing your legs or holding your face in your hand), this could be a sign of physical attraction.

3. She maintains regular contact with you

The radio silence is a big red flag.

If someone loves you, he is interested in knowing you better. You must continue to communicate with you to do so.

Dresean Ryan, relationship expert, says:

“Believe it or not, something as simple as a text from Hello can show that someone has deep feelings for you.”

Does it respond to your messages as soon as possible? Does she initiate a conversation?

If she’s always busy with you, she’s definitely interested in you.

4. She touches you

Connect your arms with yours, lightly touch your leg when sitting, or even touch your hair quickly – these are very good signs of your comfort.

It is also a sign that she is physically attracted to you.

According to Bethany Ricciardi, an educator and sexual expert, small nonsex contact points are attractive.

She says:

“Do your feet face you while you speak, are you standing up and making eye contact?” If so, they are attracted to you. ”

It is also particularly encouraging if it does not turn away from your touch.

AJ Harbinger, relationship development expert:

“Touch is one of the biggest signs of mutual attraction, and when you touch them you show interest, and if they like to be touched by you, they are attracted to you.

“Note that this also applies to” accidental “contacts, and if you run alongside it and jostle it a bit and get closer to you, it’s a sign of attraction.”

5. She seems fidgety

You will know that she loves you when she is a little nervous and uncomfortable with you.

A sure sign is also when she struggles with something while talking to you.

According to the marriage and relationship therapist dr. Nikki Martinez:

“Women do intentional and unwanted things when they are interested in someone.” Some of these signs may be blushing, long-haired, biting or licking lips, hand pressure and limitations of physical space.

“Often, they are not even aware that they are doing it, and this could be the best sign of all because they can not help around you.”

Try to notice if she does these subtle things when you are together.

6. She has an “open” body language

Another sign of body language that she falls in love with is when she deliberately positions herself in front of you.

Does his body point in your direction when you cross the room? Where do your feet show?

If she has her arms crossed and the upper body away from you, it is a telling sign that she is not interested.

According to the clinical sexologist and author Dr. Michael:

“When a woman is fascinated by you, she lets her body know – not what you think, she will position her body so that she is facing you in an open position, crossing her arms, changing her leg to herself. cross and turn in your direction. ”

7. She’s nervous around you

There is a difference between “indifferent” and “nervous”.

And many people do not know the difference.

Do not make the same mistake.

According to Business Insider, there are 7 ways to determine if a person is nervous in you:

Touching the face – it’s a way to calm down. When you put pressure on a part of your body, the brain becomes “calm” in this way.
Frequent Blinking – Research has shown that frequent eye blinking occurs when you are nervous or lying down.
Compression of lips – compressed lips can be a psychological stress that can occur when someone feels nervous or under pressure.
Play the hair – a “soothing” action that relieves anxiety.
The deformity of the hand – fingers crossed, hands clenching, crack in the ankle – indicates nervousness.
Rub your hands – Another indication of nerves is when someone rubs the skin of their hands.
Yawning – this can be difficult because it can mean boredom or nervousness. However, research has shown that yawning regulates body temperature by channeling cold air into the nose and mouth.

8. She asks you a lot of questions

Is she interested in knowing everything about you?

Superficial details like your favorite ice cream flavor to deep and intimate questions about your life – if she likes you, she’ll ask you many questions.

This is also proof that she wants you to open and let her in.

According to Dayton University psychology professor R. Matthew Montoya:

“If we love someone, we act in a way that trusts us, and from this perspective, we explore these behaviors to increase the degree of overlap, interdependence and commitment to an agreement.”

But if she asks only superficial questions, she will probably not be seriously interested in you.

9. She allows you in her personal space

Everyone appreciates his personal space.

Many people do not leave someone they do not like in their personal space. Some even try to set limits.

But if a girl lets you into her physical or non-physical “space,” she really loves you.

Dr. Martinez explains:

“Although each of us has different personal space limitations, if someone is in what most of us consider our bubble, we may want to recognize that this person wants our attention and wants to be around we.”

10. She makes plans with you

If she does not like you, she will make you think that she is very busy and can not be bothered. But if she likes you, she will call you at a specific date or time to see you again.

For Harbinger:

“If you’re going out with a woman planning for you, if that’s the case, it’s a very clear sign of attraction, she will not wait for you to call her. by you that she will make plans and hopes that you will join us.After she starts calling you to meet you or make an appointment, you can be sure that she is definitely in love with you. ”

Nowadays, it is not necessary to ask girls first. If they like you enough, they will ask you.

11. Her friends know about you

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If a girl loves you, her friends will know it. Women tell their girlfriends everything.

So, introducing her to her friends is a sign that she sees a future with you. She will also ask for her consent.

April Masini, relationship expert and author:

“Even if they did not say” I love you, “it means that they care enough about you to see a future with you when they want to claim you and get approval from their parents (regardless of their age). age) The partner is). ”

If you are lucky enough to be introduced, you should also observe how they behave around you. If they intentionally encourage you or give you time to be alone with them, they not only love you, but they also know that they like you.

12. She laughs and smiles with you

Here is another sure way to know if a girl likes you.

Tell him your most cheesy joke, and his reaction will be your answer.

According to Norman Li, expert in human behavior and attraction:

“There’s an easy way to find out, try to make her laugh, if the laughter is easy, the answer is probably yes, if it’s not the case, the answer is probably no.”

Humor is an excellent indicator of a positive relationship with someone. If she’s joking, funny and cheerful, she’s really interested in you.

Li explains:

“It is more likely that you are interested in a relationship with someone when you initiate some kind of humor with it.If the other person is also interested, she should perceive you as being humorous and reacting positively (laughing) even if you are not objectively so funny. ”

13. She blushes

According to Mind Valley, there are three reasons why people blush when they are with someone who attracts them:

The girls turn red for various psychological reasons, but in the end it is a reaction to their “exposure”.

Mary C. Lamia, Clinical Psychologist, explains:

“Blushing occurs in situations that you perceive as a social transgression, but it can also happen in an exciting situation, such as being aware of being physically attracted to another person.

“Such” exposure experiences “make you blush because they trigger a sense of shame, you think you’re trapped in the eyes of others, and you may feel inadequate, inadequate, or vulnerable to a lot of important attributes. . ”

If she blushes, she might be embarrassed, but only because she wants you to love her too.

14. Her voice changes

You can also say a lot about a woman’s voice.

Indeed, research shows that changes in tone and tone are a natural act of courtship.

A study conducted in 2014 found that voice modulation can increase susceptibility between couples in the early stages of dating.

The researchers wrote:

“Our results suggest that the modulation of F0 could be a critical parameter in human advertising, regardless of the semantic content.”

As her voice softens and grows, it can be a sign that she has feelings for you.

15. She glows

Yes, it’s true.

When a girl is with someone she loves, it literally lights up.

People look happier and healthier when they are in love. This is because our body responds well to the chemicals of love that we acquire when we feel this attraction.

Oxytocin is not called in vain “hormone of love”. When we have it in our system, the blood flow increases. As soon as the water begins to flow, the nutrients also flow, which contributes to this “shiny” aspect.

According to Tiffany Toombs, Life Coach and Body Language Specialist:

“When we love someone, our pores open, which frees more sebum and makes our skin brighter.”

16. She uses the “we” word

Never underestimate the power of the word “us”. It means a lot.

According to Dr. Martinez:

“A woman can talk to us” many times, we have to do things, how much we are alike. “How” we “have a lot in common or have the same sense of humor.

“It’s a subtle way to let you know that she wants there to be a ‘we’.”

If she likes to talk about you two in the form “we”, it’s a sign that she sees you as an entity rather than a stranger.

17. She’s awkward around you

Yes, it’s not intuitive, but that’s how it works.

If you love someone, you will simply become an embarrassing mess around him.

Matthew Hussey, expert in popular meetings, writes:

The boy or girl will behave strangely with the person who pleases them, and once we love someone, it tends to make our charisma and joke and our fun and casual nature disappear through the window – and this a new strange and clumsy person introduces himself. ”

It can go both ways – it becomes extremely shy or energetic. In any case, it could be a sign that she is really in love with you.

18. She’s acting contradictory

It may seem a little confusing, but if she is a particularly shy girl or if she falls in love with you, she may be more contradictory.

Hussey adds:

“If you tell a story to a group and you are part of that group, you are often the person with whom they do not have eye contact if they like you.” The person with whom we are most nervous is the one with whom we have no direct contact. ”

But there is a way to say that she likes you:

She likes to be near you.

Hussey explains:

“You will find that you become the center of this person and you will find a way to get closer to you, even if you do not have the courage to say anything.”

Acts say more than words, right?

19. She often agrees with you

Who likes to spend time with someone who is very different from you?

The principle of similarity indicates that people like to be surrounded by people who have the same interests as themselves.

The similarity-attraction effect indicates that people are attracted to a person who resembles them in terms of interests, tastes, beliefs, and so on.

This is certainly a good sign if it agrees with many things you have to say, especially on important topics. If she is still dealing with you, especially at the first meetings, it may be difficult for you two to develop something deeper.

20. She eats less in front of you

Women are less likely to eat in front of someone who attracts them.

According to a Canadian study, women eat less with men than women.

In fact, the study also states that men are “negative predictors”, which means that the more a woman eats with men, the less she eats.

Why, says Meredith Young, principal investigator of the study:

“When it comes to a date, we see a big difference – they can be judged more or less attractive, more or less feminine, more or less desirable, depending on what you eat.”

It’s not his fault. And you should encourage them to feel better around you. However, it’s always a sign that she likes you.

Finally …
You can discover many by observing the body language of a girl.

According to Vanessa Van Edwards, behavioral scientist and bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Success with People:

“Body language is an integral part of attraction, and when we talk about love, dating and romance, body language plays a big role.”

See how a girl behaves around you to see if it interests you. And if you find that this is the case, use an open body language to inform them that you are also interested.

Van Edwards explains:

“Men and women find the most attractive people with the body language available.The available body language is a smile, arms outstretched, uncrossed legs and looking up (without looking at shoes or mobile phones).”

Note however:

If you really want to be sure, just ask them.

It’s the easiest and easiest way to make sure your activities are happening somewhere. It will also require less time and effort on your part.

After all, life is a risk. Better to follow the same advice regarding love.