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How To Shower Love On Your Husband And Make Him Attached To You

How To Shower Love On Your Husband And Make Him Attached To You

1. Let the world know that he is special

Your husband may be the sole breadwinner of the family and is putting in his best efforts to strike a near-perfect balance between work and family. Appreciate his efforts. Well, over dinner or family outings, praise him before your kids and family. Nothing would boost his morale more.

If he is not the sole breadwinner and has been juggling between being an awesome dad – picking and dropping kids from and to school, doing laundry, buying groceries, then you have a perfect man. Battle a few eyelids at him and shower him with praises and probably some couple fun time too!

2. Play the I-am-not-aware game

Sometimes, you could pretend to not know something and take some quick tips and advice from your husband. Besides boosting his ego, this will make him feel wanted. He would know that you do look up to him if you need information on new things. While he does not feel like he is Google, he might just get a chance to Google the stuff up for you. What are the odds of him not knowing about something? Show interest and seek some information (and maybe a wee bit of knowledge too) that you might find helpful.

3. Forgiveness

We are not perfect, none of us, and we make a lot of mistakes all the time. I know, we, the women, do complain a lot about the man’s misses. This is, probably, because we have a higher emotional quotient. But understand that you are hurting them.

While this isn’t stone cast for every single woman out there, forgiving your husband might just be a good idea. For all those things which do not hurt you and can be ignored, do not last out at your hubby. Instead, understand him but let him politely know that you didn’t like it. This should prevent him from repeating those errors.

4. Make home a beautiful place

If you are also working, you would have to run between many things: food, baby, work, and deadlines. But set some time aside to bring in a lively atmosphere at home. Imagine coming home to loads of laughter and love? Wouldn’t that make everyone feel relaxed? Do the same for your husband. Have a small family time (if you have kids), play his favorite music, fill the house with a pleasant aroma, or give him a cup coffee with a lovely smile.

5. Have the friends come over

This might sound strange as a husband’s friends are usually the wife’s enemies. If you know his boy gang, call them over at home some day, and surprise your hubby with some nice mean and hard drinks and board games! All the boy stuff! We are sure your husband would be mighty happy and adore you for that!