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How to revive the love spark and keep your relationship alive when you feel your partner’s excitement fades away

Everything seems exciting in the beginning of any relationship. Falling in love can be an all consuming experience where sparks are flying, energies are high and you are feeling ecstatic in each other’s company. This excitement soon starts to fade away especially when you start seeing each other’s flaws and habits more closely. Soon you will realize that things may not always be rosy and nice as it may seem.

Even the best of relationships get rusty over a period of time. You may take each other for granted, communication will become lesser, you may have heated arguments and the romance will start to fade away. All of this is normal and bound to happen as these are the stages you go through while in a relationship. However, there are ways to revive the love and keep the romance alive. Here are some

1. Be communicative

Communicating all your problems, worries, thoughts and secrets brings you closer as a couple. It is always better to talk it out and communicate your feelings instead of keeping them buried inside. By keeping things bottled up and suppressing your emotions, it creates a toxic and a negative environment where you tend to ignore important aspects of a relationship. You should be transparent with your partner about your feelings and learn to reciprocate.

2. Do not let your partner ‘sleep over it’

If you two have arguments and fights, it is important to resolve these matters instantly than delaying it. Do not let your partner sleep over it and get away with it by feeling neglected. Instead, talk it out and resolve the fight then and there.

3. Listen actively

It is important to listen to your partner’s needs. Listen to what they are saying and try to come up with solutions in a cool and calm manner. Empathise with their feelings and try to be more of a friend who is willing to help.

4. House chores

By doing chores together or diving them equally will give you the time and space to introspect and miss each other. It will bring you closer and make you realise the importance of your partner in your life.

5. Stop overthinking and analysing every situation

The root of every problem is overthinking. By doing this, you are forcing yourself to think negatively towards your partner or your relationship. Stop picking out reasons to fight with them unnecessary and focus more on good things. Evoke good feelings in each other by positive and optimistic about the future.

6. Break the pattern

Break the pattern and plan on doing some activities together, go on a vacation, go for movie outings, meet your friends or plan something exciting at home. You can set up a date night on your terrace or simply go stargazing in nature.