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How To Make Him Realize He’s Losing You Anytime If He Doesn’t Treat You Well

7 Ways To Make Him Realize He’s Losing You At Anytime If He Doesn’t Treat You Well
1. Trim the physical intimacy

Physical intimacy, especially s3x is important, and withholding ‘physical treats’ can get his mind into the attention mode. When you say “no” to those intimate moments and show less interest, this can build an invisible barrier, which he would want to break.

2. Stop pampering him

When men get too comfortable in a setup, they start taking you for granted. Make him realize your importance. Stop doing things that you usually do for him. If you cook his favorite dishes, iron his shirts, or brew coffee for him—stop it for a while. What’s the point in working on something when you are not appreciated. Be prepared with witty answers for his ‘why’ and enjoy the triggering reactions.

3. Up your flirty side

An act of harmless flirting with other men in your friend circle can get him worried if he really loves you. If he cares for you, it will be his wake-up call. He will realize his mistake and start putting more effort into fortifying the relationship. However, do not go overboard.

4. Be indifferent

Turn on your silent mode. You need not respond to his texts instantly with a rally of emoticons. Delay answering his phone calls, and overlook video calls. Make him understand you aren’t available all the time. Assuming he is sensible enough, he’ll wonder what’s wrong.

5. Be care ‘free’

Don’t give him importance. Don’t show him that you care. If you routinely ask him about his experiences through the day or about his feelings, hold yourself. Do not ask him for reasons when he feels low. Act as if you are least worried. If you wait for him to have dinner together, give it a skip. Tell him you have already eaten.

6. Make small changes to your personality

These changes are something he is bound to notice. Your improved traits will give a thrust to your confidence. He would realize that everybody is noticing you, and his fear of losing you will heighten.

7. Keep the options open

Don’t give your man the feeling that you are obsessed with him. If you are still testing the relationship and have not committed, make him realize that he may likely lose you unless he steps up his act.