How to Make a DIY Hanging Cabbage to Keep Your Chickens Entertained

How to make a DIY hanging cabbage to entertain your chickens

Do you have bored and formless hens on your hands? Then this could be the DIY solution you are looking for. Chicken custodians have created their own hanging cabbage heads for henhouses or pulleys to stimulate the natural nutritional instinct of chickens and help them train by providing a stimulating food source. They are especially useful in the winter, when your chickens are all penned, so to speak.


In fact, it’s very easy to prepare your own cabbage. All you have to do is collect a cabbage, a drill and a piece of rope, as described in this City Girl Farming tutorial, which the installation calls a “low-tech chicken gym”.

In addition, this forum on offers alternative DIY ideas, including the use of an apple core, a metal hanger and a landscape nail.

However, this home improvement article contains an important caveat: you may want to monitor your chickens when using a falling cabbage, as some commentators have reported seeing how chickens ate twigs, were hanging or tangled in a nest. rope. A comment on wrote:

“I went to see a cat in the local garden and the vet told the story of a chicken with a twisted wing, the owner left the chicken unattended and found the bird entangled in the string and hung on a wing, unable to touch the ground (maybe all day) Unfortunately, he died on the table when they brought the poor to the vet, I do not say, do not do it, just be around and keep an eye on it. ”

If you do not want to use ropes or just do not get in the way of the handyman, you can buy a candy ball like this one from Precision Pet, available on Amazon.

Simply fill in the cabbage and attach it to the top of the basket – the bell will even offer extra entertainment to your chickens!