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How to Keep The Love Fire Burning Long After The Wedding

How to Keep The Love Fire Burning Long After The Wedding

1. Never stop learning one another.

To think you have learned all there is to know about your mate because you have been together so long is a trap. Don’t fall into this trap. Stay on top of exploring the depths of your mate.

2. Schedule to spend time alone together.

It would be nice to take a vacation with the kids and then another with just the two of you. If this is not yet possible, find 30 minutes here and there.

3. Get Alone Time with Your Mate When You Have Small Kids for ideas.

Know what $exy means to your spouse. Know it and then carry it out. $exy in your marriage is not defined by the pictures on the television or in magazines. $exy to your mate is what turns them on, puts a spark in their eye, or makes their heart skip a beat.

4. Reminisce over the good times.

Take time to reminisce over the joys of the past…your favorite date, the day you first met, a funny moment shared. Recall the love that brought you together in the first place. Remembering the good times is like stirring up the flames and standing back to watch them blaze.

5. Laugh together often.

Laughter brightens the day, keeps things lighthearted, and relieves stress. This is from my personal experience, this is not a medical report. Try it for yourself and see what holds true for you. Laughter lightens the mood and puts a smile on your face. What relationship couldn’t use more smiles and less stress? Tension and stress suck oxygen out of the air. Fire needs air to survive. Laughter just may be the breath of fresh air your relationship needs to keep the fire alive.