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How To Keep Lipstick On Your Lips For A Long Time

Got the perfect pout in the morning, but by noon the colour is off your lip? Story of our lives too, and of course a touch-up every two hours is realistically impossible. But we figured out 4 easy-peasy hacks to make our lipsticks stay on forever, well almost.

Here they are

1. Prepare the lips

Prepare the lips in the same way as you prepare the skin before makeup. You need to remember that your lips should be moisturized and hydrated.

2. Use transfer-proof lipstick like this

To keep the lipstick on the lips for a long time, apply only long-lasting transfer-proof lipstick. Matte-finish lasts longer. However, the velvety matte finish not only beautifies the lips but also makes them long-lasting.

3. Excessive use of products will harm

Lipstick enhances the beauty of the lips, but excessive use of the product can also prove to be wrong. After applying lipstick, place a tissue in the middle of the lips and pat lightly. This will remove excess lipstick from your lips.