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How to figure out if a person is a virtuous or a petty one? Use these 3 ways, they’ll always be accurate!

The ancients taught that if you want to know the heart of a petty or a virtuous person, you just need to simply apply the following 3 methods.

Distance will reveal loyalty

There is an ancient saying: Out of sight, out of mind. If a person’s heart is loyal and steadfast, even if we don’t see each other for ten thousand years, it will still be as stable as a mountain, always steadfast, waiting peacefully, nothing can shake it, even more stable and solid.

Strong enough affection and strong will will form a harmony of goals and ideals, then there will no longer be any attachment between the two people. No matter how far apart, no matter how much time passes, they will eventually return to each other, like a lasting circle.

If the relationship between people is only formed on interests and fame, it will be like mistletoe. When one party loses its useful value, the “emotion” will fade away. In the end, the “attachment” before is just a rotten, useless tree stump.

Being close helps to see the partner’s personality

The human heart has many faces, it is difficult to recognize. However, no one can wear a mask all their lives. With prolonged exposure, one day, time will reveal the true face of the vile person.

Staying in the same place, over time, you will see hidden flaws. A vulgar person will sometimes blurt out a false statement. Unrighteous and greedy people, even though they always appear generous, will sometimes blow hot and cold and benefit themselves.

Capable people, even though they are quiet and do not flatter, when faced with a complicated situation, will cleverly solve it, arrange it properly, making everyone satisfied and recognized.

Money helps to see humanity

Money is one of man’s greatest temptations. Because of money, people can harm each other. That’s why money is the most accurate compass to define a person’s personality.

People who are greedy for profit will always flatter and be close to those who are rich. Honest people, even though they are poor, still bow their heads respectfully. People who value money when their partners are poor or get into trouble, immediately turn away and despise it. Kind people still smile and help us out of danger when we encounter difficulties