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Heartwarming photo of a boy letting his mother use his hand as a “pillow” on the train. It’s melting the hearts of netizens!

Heartwarming photo of a boy letting his mother use his hand as a “pillow” on the train. It’s melting the hearts of netizens!

Children are blank slates and they need to be thought how to act in accordance with the social norms of our society. It is up to the parents to teach their children valuable lessons so they can grow up to be responsible and independent.

There are surprising times when children are shown to act more kind and humane than even adults without being told to do so. An excellent example of such an incident happened in Chengdu, China aboard the Chengdu Metro Line 2.

A boy was seen to have shown kindness and compassion for both his mother and a total stranger!

Recently, a photo of a mother and son on the subway has gone viral on Chinese social media. The mother was so tired that she fell asleep. The boy next to him was afraid that his mother would hit the wall of the ship, so he blocked his hand behind his mother’s head, so that if she did, he would touch his hand, which is small but soft enough for his mother to not hurt. The boy even raised his hand like that for a long time, full of patience and care. The mother who wakes up to know this will surely be very happy!

A fellow passenger who had witnessed the whole scene told Shanghaiist that the boy was initially sitting next to his mother on the train. He then got up and offered his seat to a lady with a stroller and proceeded to stand by his mother.

Seeing as his mother was exhausted, he held her pink handbag and offered her a hand, literally. He put his hand on the glass divider which acted as a makeshift pillow so his mother did not have to lean on the hard surface.

He carried his mother’s things and offered his hand as a cushion for his mother to lay on

A picture of the heartwarming scene was captured and posted on a Chinese blogging site called Weibo and has since gone viral. The photo has been liked by over 180,000 people and received over 18,000 comments praising the child for his selflessness.

Still on the subway, another photo also touched netizens about the sweet affection that each son has for his mother.

The boy is not very tall, but the steady posture for his mother to lean on his chest is not inferior to any adult man. The baby stands for the mother to sleep, one hand is clinging to the subway train, one hand is wrapped around her mother to keep her mother in the most comfortable and cozy sleeping position. The train is not comfortable when moving, a boy can hold that position for a long time enough to see how abundant his love for his mother is.

People often imagine that girls are usually gentler, but in reality, boys are very affectionate towards their mothers. The images above can change many people’s minds about little boys. In addition to being naughty and stubborn, boys also sometimes know how to care and live emotionally. When you become the mother of a baby boy, you will become the person your son loves most in the world. Your baby will always look towards you with love, care and affection.

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