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Great-Grandmother Who Struggles To Raise 6 Children, Was Given Every Present She Needs By Strangers

Life sometimes can be difficult but giving up isn’t an option, especially for caregivers. One 72-year-old woman named Setzler from Las Vegas knew this. She was a caregiver of six children who were all her own great-grandchildren. She cooked for them, cleaned for them and made sure to give them stability in life so that they could go on to lead positive lives.

Reportedly, Setzler is a military widow and unfortunately, her own income wasn’t enough to take care of all the expenses of raising six kids. In addition to her usual rent, utilities, car and childcare bills, Setzler’s home also had a water leak that would cost her $900 to get fixed. The woman even didn’t have the means to keep up with all the costs despite giving it her all to provide for her great-grandkids.

At that time, Setzler’s best friend named Alice stepped in. Alice would help her friend when she could, but things became too much. Therefore, she wrote to FOX5’s Surprise Squad and asked them to help “She’s hurting and I’m hurting ‘cos I can’t help her.”

A few days before Christmas in 2018, the Surprise Squad arrived at Setzler’s home, which immediately making her break down in tears. She knew that Alice must have written in and when she showed up as well, Setzler hugged her best friend emotionally. The Surprise Squad came with a whole host of gifts for Setzler which would help her and her family get back on their feet.

After the Surprise Squad’s arrival at Setzler’s house, she talked a little about her situation, but she didn’t wish to go into too much detail.
“They mean so much to me. They’re my heart. I had to rescue them.”, she said.

According to the FOX5 team, they announced they had a few things in store for Setzler and her family. Firstly, the company Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada and Aqua Plumbing decided to fix her house’s water issue for free. In addition, the squad came in and decorated the house. They not only did a deep clean first, but they also brought in new items of furniture and also put up a Christmas tree. The squad then loaded up presents underneath the tree for all of Ms. Ella’s children and even gave $500 gift cards for each kid.

They also knows the importance of self-care, so they treated Setzler to a spa day to make sure she felt pampered. A limousine showed up and whisked her away while the team got to work on the house.

But the greatest gift of all is a full year of the rent was paid for by United Nissan. Setzler was so overcome with emotion that she exclaimed through happy tears:

“The Lord has heard my prayers! Trust in the Lord and He’ll make a way for you! He made a way for me.”

But despite all of the generous gifts, Setzler has taught her children that material goods aren’t everything. One of her great-granddaughters told FOX5:

“It’s not about presents. It’s about loving your family.”

What an absolutely heartwarming tale. For everything she has done for her great-grandchildren, Setzler greatly deserved this act of kindness. And it’s also proven that Alice is truly one of her best friends who cared so much about her.

Source: Fox5 Las Vegas, apost