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Grandparent Getaway: Retired Couple Sets Up Tiny Home to Be Closer to Grandkids

Their new home is much bigger than their old 3,000-square-foot house, which had a lot of stuff in it.

Introducing Ty and Bonny. One day, the couple made the decision to move into a modest but cozy tiny house.

Their two kids are all grown up now and have families of their own.

They have 7 grandkids right now.

Their daughter lives in Kentucky, which is a ten-hour drive away. The son lives just a half-mile away, so if they want to visit, they can use the couple’s RV.

The pre-owned tiny house belongs to Liberation Tiny Homes. It’s in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, at the Tiny Estate Village.

They call their house “Journey”.

The couple can unwind and enjoy the lovely view from the house, which looks out over a pond.

Before they bought it, it was a rental property and had been listed on Airbnb for roughly two years.

Bonny and Ty are really happy with their decision to have a space that’s 28 by 8 and a half feet.

Now, let’s see what it’s like inside.

The inside has a farmhouse style that they love because it feels like a farm.

They can both relax inside with two chairs in the living area.

Their dining side table is right next to the living area. There’s a bench that can be tucked under the side table, saving space by being attached to the wall.

Ty also happens to be a woodworker.

He therefore used his skills to build the bench and other items for the house.

The small bar/office combo is located on the other side of the table. At the top are drinks, and at the bottom is a printer.

They both love boating.

Because of this, they agreed on how things should look and decided to keep their shoes in bins in the tiny house.

Now, let’s talk about the kitchen and storage. They keep their dresser and extra things in the storage area, which is also part of the stairs going up to the loft above their bedroom.

The kitchen has a lot of storage space, organized to fit all their needs. They also have a small air fryer and a gas burner, just in case they need them.

Sliding doors in the bathroom, which is at the end, conserve space. It has a small sink, a shower, and a toilet.

Not to be overlooked is their sleeping loft, which is located directly above the restroom and kitchen.

It’s a good-looking queen-size bed with convenient remote controls for the lights. For a cross-flow, there are windows on both sides.

It’s all so very charming.

Eventually, they grew accustomed to its size. Ty was six foot and found it difficult to get used to a loft with low ceilings.

They are now, however, content with the quiet of their tiny home.

In summary, the Tiny Estates allow them to live in a compact area while maintaining a high standard of living.