Good Men Still Exist!

I know good men still exist because I am lucky enough to have one.

Here are 5 qualities that make a good man:

1. Gentleness

Men have been programmed with steely exteriors in this culture. With so much pressure on guys to look tough it’s hard to switch gears between public and private life, and men forget how to be gentle. But gentleness is a key ingredient to resilience, and it serves as the balance.

Gentleness is the softness that allows our loved ones to connect deeply with us,; without connection, life isn’t much worth living. The strongest men are those with the softest hearts, and their gentleness allows them to grow with family and community. You can practice gentleness by looking deeper into the needs and emotions of yourself and others. It is easy to react harshly, but it never leads to connection. Conversely it is hard to be gentle, but gentleness lets others know that we care and are ready to connect and grow with them.

2. Dependability

The role of a man is to be a rock for his children, wife, and community to rely on. The strength of a man’s word determines the security that his family and community have, so to be dependable is a serious responsibility and privilege of manhood.

It takes effort and hard work to make your actions line up with your word, but in the habit of dependability you grow a deeper faith in yourself, which extends to the people around you. When you are dependable, the important ones in your life open up fully to you and share their innermost world for a full and rich connection. A man truly is only as good as his word, so boost your dependability by only making promises that you can keep, and by stretching yourself to the limit to keep those promises.

3. He has clear goals and ambitions

Mature women know that they should never plan their future with a man who has no future plans himself. A man who has made clear to himself what he wants from life and has the ambition to pursue it will always be more attractive than he who has made peace with mediocrity.

4. He is emotionally strong

A desirable man does not cry when things don’t go as planned. He does not sink into a depressive state as soon as he fails. Rather, he analyzes why it didn’t work out and finds a way to make it work. If you wish to belong to a group if highly respected and desirable men, you have to be emotionally strong.

5. He courageously

Courage comes from the Latin root “cor,” which means heart. So to be courageous is to express your heart. It takes courage to tell that special woman you love her and want to spend the rest of your live. It takes courage to quit a career that has held you back from fulfilling your greatest purpose. It takes courage to forgive loved ones and to move on past old hurts and wounds. But a man is someone who gives life to his community, and courage is required to stand up and express his unique qualities that support life. Courage is the culmination of virtues like wisdom, resilience, intelligence, and vulnerability.