Glass Skydeck on 103rd floor of Chicago’s Willis Tower CRACKS under terrified visitors’ feet for the second time in just five years

Glass Skydeck on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower CRACKS in Chicago for the second time in just five years under the feet of frightened visitors

Tourists in Chicago’s Willis Tower were frightened Monday night when the glass floor under the feet of visitors on the 103rd floor building’s deck broke.

One witness reported a “boom” before realizing, according to CBS 2, that the glass had been “broken into a thousand pieces”.

At that time, a mother and two children would have been on the bridge.

The trio took advantage of the view from the Willis Tower, which is 1,451 feet tallest building in Chicago and second highest in the United States.

The Skydeck has prominent glass beads that allow tourists to look directly into the streets below.

The incident left no casualties and a spokesman for the tower said no visitor was in danger, the glass being part of a protective layer over the Skydeck.

An eyewitness, however, said the incident was enough to keep her at home.

The visitor, Karly Pintado, told CBS 2: “I’m usually afraid of heights, and when I saw that, I said,” No, I can not. ”

Pintado’s husband, Jesus, filmed the turmoil that followed the event. Many tourists were shocked by the broken glass.

This is not the first time that Skydeck’s protective glass has been leaping as long as this attraction was open to businesses.

Already in May 2014, a layer of protective glass broke on the same windows.

A public relations expert at the time told the Atlantic: “The glass coating in no way compromises the structural integrity of The Ledge, and sometimes the coating may crack to protect the surface of the glass.”

After the incident on Monday, the glass was quickly replaced and the skydeck of the Willis Tower remains open.

The skyscraper – formerly known as the Sears Tower – was completed in 1973 when it dominated the World Trade Center as the tallest building in the world, a title held for nearly 25 years.

The Skydeck opened in 1974 and has quickly become a tourist attraction. More than a million people visit each year.