Girl, 16, who suffers from anxiety has to flee prom after bullies tip jug of juice over her, leaving her in tears

The 16-year-old girl, who suffers from anxiety, must flee the prom, after the bullies poured her a jug of juice and left her in tears.

Last night, a girl was targeted by bullies at her graduation school, which left her with tears in her eyes.

Emilee Perry, 16 in Doncaster, threw a jug full of juice on Saturday while attending her graduation party.

Miss Perry had accepted after her parents had asked her not to miss the special occasion.

The cruel attack, however, made her cry.

The teenager, who suffers from anxiety, had to be picked up by her mother. She's pictured in tears

The teenager, who suffers from anxiety, had to be taken care of by her mother only two hours after the start of the event, the Scottish Daily Record reported.

Miss Perry’s mother, Tracy Perry, said on Facebook: “This is my beautiful daughter, suffering from the anxiety we had to ask tonight to attend the prom.

“Two hours later, I lift her heartbroken and fit.”

“This” person “thought it was a good idea to pour a decanter full of juice and soak them from head to toe.

“I hope someday someone will humiliate and devastate her as she did with my daughter!”

After photos of Emilee and her destroyed prom dress were posted, messages of support were posted on social media.

Emilee Perry, 16, from Doncaster had a full jug of juice tipped over her on Saturday when she attended her school prom

One woman said, “She is beautiful and I am really sorry that it happened to her, I was bullied.

“I hope the girl or girls who did it will be punished or at least her parents will be called.

Another commentator wrote: “It’s terrible … it’s absolutely beautiful, girls can be so cruel.”

Another post: “She is a beautiful girl and the person who did it is probably jealous of her.”

Ms. Perry responded to the wave of support: “It’s amazing what happened, she received messages of support from around the world.”

His daughter also thanked the commentators for their support via social media.

After pictures were posted of Emilee and her ruined prom dress (shown here), floods of supportive messages were posted on social media

She wrote, “Wow, I just want to take the time to thank all the people who took the trouble to cover me with love and support!

It is very appreciated and I will be definitely grateful for the extremely unexpected result of this situation! I had so much support.

“The way people reacted upset me completely and proved to me that I could survive everything, and I hope it will make me a stronger person.”

Miss Perry kept anonymous the name of the bully responsible for the incident to prevent the spread of hatred.