Four Little Girls Who Beat Cancer Together Reunite For Another Photo At The Same Hospital

Little did Ava, Chloe, McKinley, and Lauren know that they’d get to see each other again, hale and hearty after beating their disease.

Four little girls had a special time together, two years after their first meeting. Although the circumstances in which they became friends hurt them, the story has a happy ending, as they all mobilized to fight against cancer. Two years after their first meeting at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, the girls were happier and healthier than when they said goodbye and the sight was touching, reported Fox13 News .

The reunion of Ava, Chloe, Lauren and McKinley had almost moved parents in tears as they gathered to celebrate the victory they had in this deadly disease. Shawna Glynn, Lauren’s mother, said, “This is our third year, they’ve just arrived here, everyone.” The last time they met for a photo in the same hall, the girls smiled happily, but their fine hair reflected the seriousness of the treatment they were undergoing.

Ava’s mother, Alyssa Luciano, said, “They were all in acute care the first time, and it’s amazing how much they came from little bald babies.” During their hospitalization, Ava, Lauren and McKinley were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Chloe has been diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer. Although the girls are far from home and have cancer, they have united and comforted each other.

Shawna said, “She is 3 years old and has no hair, but all her friends at the hospital look the same as she normalized.” McKinley’s mother. Karen Moore added, “It was just a breath of fresh air to see a familiar face and know it was not alone.” She revealed that it’s not just children who have comforted themselves. “It was phenomenal to only have to deal with other mothers, but just with other people at the same time,” she said.

For Lauren, this meeting was more than just a meeting. She also celebrated the end of her long fight against the disease. Shawna, her mother, said, “We’re done, she rang to say she finished her treatment last Monday.” As Lauren is the last of four people to have conquered cancer, the four girls can now breathe easily. However, this is not the end for them. They want to meet next year and the next year, take more pictures and remember the joy of finally defeating cancer together.