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For 12 years, a mother of two kept her face hidden, so no one could tell what she looked like.

A mother of two kept her face hidden for twelve years, leaving no one to know her appearance. 

All of this occurred up to the moment she made the decision to reveal to the world, through her mask, something horrifying about her spouse. For how long had the woman been hidden, really?

At the age of 28, a mother of two named Saundra Crockett had a devastating turn in her life. Raising her two children alongside her spouse, the woman’s life proceeded as usual. Instead, her spouse started acting suspiciously after a time.

Saundra’s husband started abusing her physically and psychologically, making the woman suffer horrendous pain and injuries. The woman decided to cover up her wounds with a mask and avoid talking about it. All of this continued until the woman eventually went to the hospital because she was unable to bear the anguish any longer.

Saundra’s face was left with deep scars from her husband’s beatings, which caused an infection and started to eat away at the flesh.

The physicians were taken aback when they examined her at the hospital after she arrived. The virus had given the woman only three days to live. Rather, the woman lived thanks to the physicians’ efforts and her own inner fortitude.

She was resilient after her recovery and was able to protect her kids and herself from her husband’s terrible abuse.

Following her dark phase, Saundra decided to cover up her severely damaged face to protect it from the pain she was going through. She made the decision to wear a mask whenever he went out in public because she was embarrassed about what other people would think of her.

She kept doing this until she met Deborah Alessi one day. Deborah had created a non-profit organization for women who were mistreated by males and had also experienced horrible anguish brought on by the man sitting next to her. This group provides assistance to women who have experienced domestic violence.

After Deborah assisted Saundra in standing up, her husband, a surgeon, offered her a complimentary facial contouring procedure, which would enable her to open her left eye and resume her regular eating habits.

Now, Saundra is content and doesn’t hesitate to reveal her actual self while also supporting other mistreated women.