Finland is the happiest country in the world and now you can visit it for free

Finland is the happiest country in the world and you can now visit it for free

The United Nations (UN) declared March 20th International Day of Happiness and honored Finland for the second year in a row as “the happiest country in the world”. Based on the kindness of the people, the freedom of the Scandinavians, the lack of corruption and the quality of life of immigrants, among others. For this reason, locals have launched the “Rent a Finn” campaign, thanks to which they can go free in the Nordic countries in the summer to see the reasons for the joy of the inhabitants. shows you today some of the methods that Finnish people used to be so happy. In addition, have the steps to participate in the contest and the opportunity to spend free holidays in the Nordic paradise.

Finland, Nordic paradise

Finlandia es el país más feliz del mundo y ahora puedes visitarlo gratis

With breathtaking views of the northern lights, gastronomy and the opportunity to visit cities such as Aulanko or Lapland (the city where Santa lives) all year round, Finland was one of the 10 most happier in the world. six years.

According to the annual report published by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, various indicators have been used to determine the level of happiness and calm of residents. Among the variables taken into account are gross domestic product, education and virtually no inequality among the inhabitants.

Happiness of immigrants

Finlandia es el país más feliz del mundo y ahora puedes visitarlo gratis

For 2019, the UN has highlighted the joy of immigrants. The report analyzed the level of happiness that immigrants from different countries can experience and concluded that not only Finns are satisfied with their way of life, but also people who emigrate to the country.

The pillars of happiness: education, equality and tolerance

Another great achievement of the Scandinavians has been the construction of a society in which there is almost no inequality. Finland has the lowest poverty rates in the world and is the second largest country with the lowest index of child inequality. In addition, according to Norway and Iceland, the World Economic Forum has the lowest gender gap in the world.

In the Nordic countries, there is no private university and basic education is free for the inhabitants. The World Economic Forum also emphasized that primary education is the best in the world. The university took third place.

Peace in the land of a thousand lakes

It is called “the country with a thousand lakes”, with 188,000 inhabitants spread throughout the territory. Finland can also boast of its dazzling landscapes. It is the European country with the most forests and the third in the world with better air quality. As if that were not enough, you can also see the northern lights.

Rent a Finnish

The “Rent a Finn” initiative was launched by the Scandinavians in 2018 with the aim of enabling people around the world to enjoy the happiness they live in the country. The winners will spend three days in the house of a Finnish family during the summer.

To apply, people must send a video in which they want to know each other, their attachment to nature and why they want to get to know Finland. The winners will enjoy the typical activities of the region, gastronomy and approach nature to win the peace. The costs of the three days will be paid by the Visit Finland Tourism Organization.

Do you agree with the UN report or do you think there are other happier countries? Tell us if you want to travel for free to the happiest country in the world!