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EVERYONE asks me why my toilet is SO clean. Take 3 Cloves Of Garlic And I Will Tell You How To Make It

How to Clean Your Toilet Using Garlic?

I guess many of us here are using commercial toilet cleaners to clean the toilet. They are effective, but there’s an unusual yet natural trick to get the job done. And yes, the secret ingredient is… garlic! Sounds intriguing? Let’s delve deeper into this unique method.

Garlic: The Natural Toilet Cleaner

To create this homemade solution, follow these steps:

– Step 1: Slice three cloves of garlic finely.
– Step 2: Boil half a liter of water and add the sliced garlic to it.
– Step 3: Allow the mixture to cool, and then remove the garlic slices.
– Step 4: Pour this garlic-infused water into your toilet bowl.

Why garlic is effective in cleaning the toilet? The answer lies in allicin, a compound in garlic renowned for its antibacterial properties.

By using this mixture, your toilet can be germ-free without any chemicals.

For optimal results, let the water sit in the bowl overnight. The following day, scrub lightly with a toilet brush, flush, and behold the gleaming results!

Do give this natural cleaner a try and enjoy a freshly cleaned toilet without the chemical aftermath.