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Every Time A Guy Calls You Babe, Here’s What It Really Means

Every Time A Guy Calls You Babe, Here’s What It Really Means
1. He has Special Feelings for You

That special may not necessarily be love as it can be infatuation or attraction. Never just take it too far as love. But if he has suddenly started calling you babe, you may have to look for other signs into how strongly he feels for you and does he feel just like a special friend or more

2. He Is Truly Attracted to You

This one is a definite physical charm. He just likes being with you and find you extremely attractive. He must be giving you more attention than ever. He may be just using it even unintentionally but he is attracted to you

3. He is Flirting with You

Babe is used to flirt because of the fact that most women blush when they are called babe. He may even like you to some extent here but he is too shy or its too early to express this feeling.

4. He May be Gauging Your Interest

If you give a positive expression for being called babe that’s a sign you like him too. Besides, he may be trying to tell you to think in the direction. And when he keeps repeating babe, again and again, you would also start showing interest

5. He Wants to Make you Feel Special

He wants you to know that how special you are to him. He may be using it to show how he admires you.

6. He is Trying to Seek Attention

Maybe he is using babe for the sake of attention. You will stop and listen the moment he calls you babe. In addition, he can call you babe in a group too, just to split your attention and bring it on back to him

7. He is Just Trying to Look a Cool Guy

He may be just trying to act a cool dude. He is not even aware probably that he is calling you babe, he is just using the words which he thinks will make him look cool.

8. He is Just Showing Off

This may be just his way of showing off. He is trying to prove to his gang that he can call you anything he wishes or he is the one for you.

9. He is Feeling Possessive About You

Suddenly he started feeling possessive about you. And calling you babe makes him feel secure and safe, in your relationship.

10. He is Trying to Impress or Make Someone Feel Jealous

Maybe he likes someone else, and is calling you babe in front of the other female to just make her feel jealous.

11. He is Just Teasing You

He may not mean anything but you react on the word babe so he is using it to tease you all the time. He is just a good friend and like friends he is teasing