At The End Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him

In the end, every man regrets having lost the woman who was waiting for him to pull himself together. People, listen to me.

A good woman is worth the investment.

And do not believe the Hollywood shit where a woman in love with you stays true to you, anyway. She will wait and wait until you find what you want in life, build your career, or try to find out what lies ahead, until you finally decide to settle in and live happily ever after.

Sounds good, does not it?

Well, it would be great if we lived in a romantic comedy. But the reality is different. Nowadays, a woman gives you a chance. Maybe a second, third or even a fifth chance.

But when she decides she’s done, she’s really finished! And you can not do anything to change your mind.

Women can give you many more opportunities than you deserve

You see, women can give you many more opportunities than you deserve. Why? Because women often fall in love with the potential they see in someone. A woman believes in you if you do not believe it. She thinks you can live up to her abilities and that one day you can change and become a better man for her.

This is the main reason why many women remain in terrible and abusive relationships. But when a woman realizes that she has enough, there is no turning back. Because when a woman has finished, she is finished.

Once a woman tastes the beauty of life without you, wastes time and energy, she closes the window of opportunity. And no matter how much you try to win it by becoming a better man, you can not bring it back.

So you can try to justify yourself and feed your ego by saying that she was never the right woman, because if she were, she would never have left you.

No woman deserves to live a stressful, painful and dramatic life.

The truth is that no reasonable person can be persuaded to face all your bullshit. No woman deserves to live a stressful, painful and dramatic life. Not you, no one has the right to imprison another person and wait until he finds out what he wants from life.

The one who moves away from you means that she has finally decided to defend herself. But remember, you forced her to make that decision.

You will regret losing this woman because she was with you when you were at the bottom of your life. She supported you, believed in you, and stood by you when no one was there.

You will regret having lost them when you meet other women who will love you when you are at their best, but when they see your mistakes, they will be out.

And in these moments, you will finally realize what you had. You had a good woman standing by your side, doing everything for you, supporting you and loving you from the bottom of your heart.

And what did you do? You let her go. You pushed her away because you did not know if she was the right woman for you. You did not know what you had until you lost it.

Well, you made your bed, now go for it.