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Even God doesn’t want women to fall in love and marry these 5 types of men

Even God doesn’t want women to fall in love and marry these 5 types of men

1. The man who is Self-Centered, Self-Focused

If he is only concerned about himself and not others, you might be better off finding someone who is more concerned with the welfare of others than they are about themselves. A person should date or marry someone who puts God first and then you next. If the order is him, things, you, and lastly God, you’d be much better off without him. A person who is only concerned about themselves is not ready for marriage or even dating.

2. The man who is flirty

If you notice his eyes are all over other women, including yourself, then you might not have the right man. A man who can’t control their eyes probably can’t control their lusts. If this man has a set of wandering eyes, then how would it ever get better after marriage? The truth is, it might even get worse. Therefore, it’s best for women especially Christian women to avoid men who are flirts and can’t control their eyes.

3. The man who is not a God-Lover

If he isn’t concerned about sinful practices or obeying God, don’t just walk away–run as fast as you can. Unless someone is putting God first, they will never have a solid marriage. God is that third cord of a threefold cord that holds marriages together. Don’t be deceived into thinking that after marriage it will get better because it will likely only get worse.

4. No Trust

Without trust, a relationship just won’t work. If you are considering dating someone but they are already jealous over you, think about this: They might be a clingy spouse who never allows you freedom because they’re always worried you’ll find someone else. A man worth marrying shouldn’t always spy on you, checking your emails, and checking your phone messages and texts. This type of man would not be a good match for anyone, especially a Christian.

6. Still a Boy

That’s a sign of a man who has never grown up. Some men who play video games for hours or are always interested in the next party the guys are having would not be a good fit for any woman. If he is always thinking about that without stopping, then you can see he’s going to be a boy in his behavior and thinking, even though he’s legally an adult. He’s not mature enough to even consider dating, not to mention marrying.