Empaths attract these 4 types of narcissists

Empaths attract these 4 types of narcissists. is there one in your life?

Because empathies are so important, they are often exploited. Those who have an agenda can search and sympathize with empathy to progress, satisfy their own desires or acquire a particular image or status. It is common for an empathy to enter into a relationship where he feels emptied and exploited. Daffodils often feel attracted to empathy. Narcissists are at the other end of the spectrum, but they can often disguise themselves as seductive and attractive, gain the confidence of an empath and then take what they want or need. Learning to protect yourself is an important part of empathy.

Do you unwittingly incite unwanted narcissists?
There are two main types of narcissists: vulnerable narcissists and inveterable narcissists, as well as four subtypes. Let’s break it.

1. Vulnerable narcissists

A vulnerable narcissist is usually very sensitive. They tend to be naturally shy or quiet in order to hide their own feelings of self-hatred and sadness. They often overcompensate by putting on a mask and playing a character completely different from their real feeling. They want to feel special and express their own feelings about others. They are mainly motivated by the fear of rejection and abandonment. A vulnerable narcissist is not really interested in anyone and uses emotional manipulation as an instrument to gain the sympathy and attention of others.

2. Narcissistic invulnerable

An invincible narcissist is very confident, cold and has no compassion for others. They seek all the power, the recognition and the pleasure. They often believe that they are superior to all others and have an inner need to let everyone know. An invincible narcissist aspires to power and does not care who he wants to get ahead of

Subtype 1: The narcissist in love

A narcissist in love uses sexual conquest to measure self-esteem. This type of person uses his charms to gain someone’s trust and attention, and then he does not want to have anything to do with that person when he becomes “too boring” to his liking. Loved narcissists are often referred to as gold diggers, heartbreakers or players. They use others to get the desired image or status to meet their own wants and needs.

Subtype 2: compensatory narcissism

This type of narcissism is caused by past trauma. They like to create larger-than-life illusions and their achievements in order to gain power and control. They tend to find those who are emotionally vulnerable and hope they serve as an audience for their games. Compensatory narcissists often react extremely critically and choose emotional violence and manipulation as a means.

Subtype 3: The elite narcissist

An elite narcissist will do anything to reach the top. They want to win and have control over others. They believe they are better than anyone and deserve special treatment. They have a clear sense of purpose that manifests itself in every aspect of their lives. This type of person is a bouncer and a superior with the need to be the best and prove superior in all respects.

Subtype 4: The malicious narcissist

Malicious narcissists behave in the same way as psychopaths or people with antisocial personality disorders. They have no limits on moral or immoral behavior and they feel no remorse for their actions. They are often arrogant and like to outsmart others. This type of narcissist can easily become dangerous.

Source: https://www.davidwolfe.com