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During Wedding, Pastor Tells Bride To Step Aside As Groom Proposes To Her Sister

During Wedding, Pastor Tells Bride To Step Aside As Groom Proposes To Her Sister

Ashley Schaus has been close to taking care of her sister Hannah Schaus since the day she was born. As she got older, Ashley began to understand that her sister was not like other children. Doctors diagnosed Hannah with both diabetes and D*wn syndrome, a genetic disorder in which the child has an extra copy of chromosome 21.

Since then, Ashley seems to have decided to always be her sister’s support.

According to the USA Today video below, Hannah will always be in Ashley’s care due to her condition. Ashley seems to accept the challenge and seems committed to ensuring that Hannah never feels left out in any situation throughout their lives..

This was tested when Ashley met and began to date Will.

As the pair grew closer, Ashley explained to him that Hannah would be present with her at all times. “I told him we were a package deal when we started dating in 2010,” Ashley told ABC News in 2017. Seaton, who went on dates with both sisters to accommodate Ashley’s wishes, seems to have accepted both sisters without hesitation. He seems to understand how important Hannah is to Ashley, deciding that Hannah would be his sister, too.

Seaton and Ashley were a couple for years.

The time finally came when Seaton decided to propose to her. Seaton had the perfect proposal in mind. He set up a photo shoot that included himself, Ashley and Hannah in a meadow, as the video below shows. He took to one knee when asking Ashley for her hand in marriage.

Ashley said yes.

Seaton then turned to Hannah. He proposed to her as well. He asked her if she would be his best friend forever. Hannah beamed with joy, as the video below shows. It is obvious she enjoyed being a part of the special moment.

Ashley seems quite close with Hannah, as the video below highlights.

And Seaton seems to have felt exactly the same about Hannah, with the three becoming “best friends,” according to ABC News’ interview with Ashley. When the special day for Seaton and Ashley finally arrived, Seaton also had special vows to say to Hannah. The promises Seaton made to his sister-in-law will warm the hearts of all people who watch the video of the moment.

Before the wedding, ABC News caught up with Hannah, who told the outlet that Seaton does, in fact, live up to his title as best friend forever.

Seaton, who gave both sisters rings, also had warm words for his sister-in-law and best friend, Hannah, explained in his ABC interview that she reminded him that “there’s a lot in life to be thankful for and that we shouldn’t take life for granted.”

At the time, Ashley explained that she wanted her sister to be part of the October 2017 ceremony from start to finish and that she “wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“I am blessed to share this day with her,” she added.

Beyond the ceremony itself, Hannah and Seaton also shared a “best friend” dance together to the tune of Harry Nilsson’s fitting track “Best Friend.”

As you can imagine, the video of Hannah, Ashley and Seaton’s wedding ceremony has spread far and wide across the internet. Outlets from Inside Edition to USA Today have covered the story, leading to an outpouring of support from viewers and readers alike.

“Wow, that is so sweet. Lovely story to read this morning. Such compassion,” a user with the screen name Ashmedai wrote in response to the ABC News story.

“What a gorgeous girl!!! Loved her dress,” Zoe Swenson wrote on YouTube. “Oh and I guess the bride looked beautiful (too), not as pretty as her sister of course 😉. There needs to be more people in the world like him. My heart is so happy right now! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️”

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