Home Life Don’t be impressed by: Money, Followers, Degrees

Don’t be impressed by: Money, Followers, Degrees


Don’t be impressed by: Money, Followers, Degrees, Titles Be impressed by: Kindness, Integrity, Humility, Generosity.

Money, fame, qualifications or position are all very attractive things. Because it is what gives people a good appearance, or gives people strength and power.

You easily come across luxurious images, the wealthy life of the rich or famous ones. You also easily see the great power of people with qualifications and status in society. Maybe, you also want to be like them.

However, there are more noble things than material wealth or social status. Those are the good personalities of a person, which are kindness and integrity. Kindness makes you live sincerely and kindly to everyone, and integrity makes you gain the trust of everyone, because you are reliable person.

It is modesty and generosity. Modesty helps you have a proper view of yourself to improve day by day, and generosity helps you to be tolerant and love people. So, be impressed with those who have these noble qualities. And you also want to aim to train yourself to have those good qualities