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Distance yourself from people who…


Distance yourself from people who: 1. Lie to you. 2. Disrespect you. 3. Use you. 4. Put you down

You can make friends with anyone, or keep a relationship with anyone you find yourself connected. Provided that they also cherish the friendship or the relationship with you.

They are not allowed to cheat on you. No relationship can be maintained without honesty on both sides. When they lie, they no longer value the relationship between you two.

They must not disrespect you. Respecting others is the basis of every human being. Without the respect, they hurt you sooner or later.

They are also not allowed to take advantage of you. A pragmatic relationship will not last for long. The relationship will collapse as soon as you no longer benefit them.

Moreover, they must not harm you. Those who can harm you are either your enemies, or nothing at all, they can not be your friends.

You should avoid those bad people. Seek and make friends with people who really want to be friends with you, really respect and love you.