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Did You Stop Him??

Oscar drove his brand new Mercedes car to his favorite sporting goods store. He parked it outside and went in to do a little perusing with Jan, his regular sales woman.

Jan was a pretty blonde, and as Oscar walked into the store, she happily greeted him. But he requested to look around alone today before he needed her help. She obliged and let him do his thing.

Five minutes later, Jan came running up to him yelling, “Oscar! Oscar! I just saw someone driving off with your new Mercedes!”

“Dear God! Did you try to stop him?”

“No,” she said, “I did better than that! I got the license plate number!”

A farmer brought a little pot-belly pet pig for his daughter.

The little girl called it “Stinky” when she played with it out in the yard,
but she called it “Ballpoint” when it was in the sty.

“Tell me,” asked her father,

“Why do you have two names for your pig?”

“That’s easy,” the daughter replied,

“Ballpoint is just his pen name.”