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Dad kicks his son out of the house after excluding him from the young man’s wedding.

When his son opted to stay in Pennsylvania after graduating from college, a New Jersey man made a considerate gift by purchasing a four-bedroom house.

The guy, John, regarded it as an investment and a chance to stay in regular contact with his son, Mark, especially because he frequently commuted from New Jersey to Manhattan for work.

Initially, the arrangement worked well, with John covering the house’s expenses such as taxes, services, and maintenance, and Mark handling the remainder. Mark’s life was pleasant until he met Lisa, the love of his life, and they agreed to share the Pennsylvania home.

The young pair appeared to blend easily into one other’s families, and everything seemed to be going well until they became engaged and the topic of their wedding came up.

The drama starts.

A “get to know you” cookout was hosted at the Pennsylvania home so that both families could properly meet and celebrate the engagement. The event initially appeared to be going well, with everyone getting along.

However, the situation deteriorated when John’s wife, daughter, the bride-to-be’s mother and sisters, and Mark all entered the house together.

Soon after they stepped inside, John’s wife and daughter emerged, extremely disturbed, and declared that they would be departing immediately to return to New Jersey, refusing to explain why they were so distressed.

Rather than pursuing the matter further, John chose to drive his wife and children back to New Jersey, as he recounted in his Reddit post. When they got a chance to collect themselves, he discovered the reason for their abrupt flight.

It turned out that when inside the house, the bride-to-be’s family informed John’s wife and daughter that they were not “their kind of people” and thus had uninvited them to the wedding.

John was horrified by this news and contacted Mark to address it. His son explained that Lisa’s family considered his family was not of the same social standing and would humiliate them at the wedding, therefore the uninvitation.

After taking some time to cool off, John drove from New Jersey to Pennsylvania to speak with Mark in person. Upon his arrival, he was surprised and dismayed to discover an unexpected circumstance.

John’s unpleasant surprise

When John arrived at his Pennsylvania home, he was surprised to discover Lisa and her family already residing there. It looked that they had moved in without notifying or obtaining Mark’s permission.

When Lisa’s family inquired why he was there, he claimed that he wanted to speak with his son about the wedding scenario. In response, they urged that he leave the house, prompting the man to make an important decision. He recalled:

“I lost it and told them that they had 30 days to get out. Tell my son I’m selling the house, and he could find somewhere else to live with all of you. I go to a realtor in town and list the house for sale.”

This was done while Mark wasn’t present. In fact, Lisa decided to call Mark at work, informing him of the situation. She believed that the house belonged to him, not his father.

After receiving the news, Mark called his father to inquire about the house sale. John said that because his son had decided to isolate himself from the family, he was to leave the house, even if he was living there rent-free.

John felt that his in-laws had taken over, and his family was no longer a priority. John then sent Mark, Lisa, and Lisa’s family with a 30-day notice to evacuate the property, stating that if necessary, he would hire a lawyer.

Many others on Reddit agreed with John, saying that removing Mark and Lisa, as well as Lisa’s rude relatives, out of the house was the correct thing to do.