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Dad Forgives The Stranger Who Took His Little Girl’s Life

In this truly inspirational short story, a father named Daniel Marin, offers his unthinkable forgiveness to a stranger. Doctors pronounced his 11-year-old named Alysah Marin breathed the last after a “serious V.e.h.i.c.l.e C.o.l.l.i.s.i.o.n” took her and her family to the hospital. And even after such a devastating l.o.s.s, the little girl’s faith-filled dad, is choosing to forgive the man responsible.
The Marin family of Phoenix, Arizona, never would have imagined a family meal ending in t.r.a.g.e.d.y but that’s exactly what happened. However, how they are navigating this time of unbelievable heartache speaks volumes about their f.a.i.t.h.
Daniel Marin was at work when his wife, their three children, and a niece walked to the nearby restaurant for a meal. On the way home, a vehicle suddenly switched lanes on the road, which hit another car before plowing into the pedestrians on the sidewalk.

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As a result, all of the family members suffered from serious injuries and were rushed them to the hospital by crews . But 11-year-old Alysah Marin sadly didn’t survive.
It’s hard to imagine a situation like this where a father can accept and forgive. And yet, that’s exactly what Alysah’s dad is doing.
And seeing how the H.o.l.y S.p.i.r.i.t lived in Alysah is helping Daniel do what seems impossible. This father forgives the driver responsible for causing his family so much pain and loss.
Daniel said: “I know I’m supposed to be angry but I’m faith-based, you know, and I forgive the guy,
“That’s what my daughter would want me to do.”
The man who was responsible faced a slew of charges. He also carries the burden of knowing his actions took a child’s life. And yet, When preparing to face the dark consequences of his actions, he’s also been given a lifeline by the father who forgives him.
Daniel said: “Even if he was impaired, I have a strong faith,”
“I will let him know that I do forgive him even though he took my daughter’s life.”

What an incredible blessing! Daniel’s forgiveness has the power to possibly change the trajectory of this other man’s life. Perhaps it will allow this man to open his heart to the forgiveness and healing available to him through Jesus Christ.

Daniel’s ability to trade anger for forgiveness is something that seems impossible in a situation like this. This shows just how much God is at work in his own heart. And we pray for him and his family as they navigate this incredibly difficult time.

The way this father forgives is a powerful reminder for all of us of how our Father in Heaven forgives. No matter how terrible our sin, Jesus is ready to save us.

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