Cutting Ties With Your Family Members Is Completely Fine, and Here’s Why

Cutting Ties With Your Family Members Is Completely Fine, and Here’s Why

It’s good to cut ties with family members, and that’s why


It is believed that family ties are the strongest bonds you can have in your life. Whether you are a bloody family or a chosen family, you hope that you will always feel loved and that you never expect to be hurt. However, some family members may become too toxic and in this case, it may be appropriate to break the bond with loved ones.

Today, we would like to share with you 9 situations in which it is perfectly correct to break the link with toxic parents.

They gossip about you.

Our families must be people with whom we can share our most intimate secrets, looking for good advice or simply sharing our joys. However, if your family members share the secret information you give them, run away or at least learn to shut up. Remember that not only must your secrets stay in the family, but also the relevant events in your life that you share with those around you – no one has the right to put the details of your personal life outside of the family home, where you call home.

They judge you.

A healthy criticism is a good thing. It helps us to look at ourselves from a different perspective and to understand our mistakes. And very often, it is family members who help us improve. However, when the criticisms they emit repeat frequently, and when they are aggressive and destroy your self-esteem, it is high time that you banish these toxic people from your life.

They manipulate you.

Healthy relationships are those in which you feel free and happy. If you continue to feel guilty, stressed and condemned, you may not need these relationships? Manipulators will do everything they can to take control of you, your life and your attention, no matter what you do. If simple tricks do not work, they will use heavy artillery that can affect mental and physical health.

They keep reminding you of your past.

In other words, they continue to write stories about your younger life that you may want to keep secret. Sometimes it can be very painful to remind someone of their past, but family members who do it even when asked to do so should also be left behind.

They make you feel helpless.

This type of handling technique is called the gas lamp. People who use it tend to think that their victims are untrained and incompetent. You are constantly increasing your complexity and challenging your mental health and sobriety in the face of another important decision. If you think this is common when you communicate with family members, you can break the links. Your mind and your sanity will be grateful to you in the end.

They turn to you only when they need something.

A poisoned family member appears on the horizon of your life if he has something to gain or enjoy. Once the task is done, they will quickly disappear from your life until the next chance they have to take advantage of your friendliness. Do you know what happens when you need your help? You will hear a lot of excuses about why they can not do things (if you can contact them at all).

They make you feel exhausted.

There are people in the world who have a unique talent so that their interlocutors feel exhausted after communicating with them. And sometimes these people can belong to your own family. If you feel a lack of energy every time you talk to this person, if you feel that you are talking to a wall, if you feel that your tolerance is decreasing, let this member out of your life. Your sanity will thank you.

They try to control your life.

This reason is very close, with one exception: manipulation – in this situation, their power plays the main role. Dominant family members often become accustomed to being attacked by those who listen to them against their will. Sometimes it can even cause intimidation.

They stress you out completely.

If the relationship with your loved ones puts you to the test and creates chaos in your mind and spirit, if, after talking with a member of your family, you can only talk about your tiredness, it is great time to think about eliminating them. Your life (or at least less communication).

What are your relationships with your immediate family? Are you thinking of creating a link with one of them? We would be happy to hear from you in the comments!