Courageous Toddler Has Stage 3 Cancer – She Needs Our Prayers

An untold number of scientists work each day toward a cure for cancer. As a society, we should provide them with all the support they need as they undertake this important endeavor.

A short time later, a nurse’s call to school aroused the couple’s fears. McKenna had a fever of 103 degrees and his abdomen was swollen than ever. Another visit to the doctor, however, gave a similar diagnosis. The couple was told that her daughter was suffering from flatulence.

Michael and Megan were not happy with this diagnosis. The couple took their daughter to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta. The diagnosis was both disturbing and scary for the family. McKenna suffered from malignant growth of the ovaries.

The type of ovarian cancer that McKenna is afflicted with is extremely rare. Fortunately, the symptoms revealed the disease early enough to give doctors the proper options to treat this disease. At the age of two, surgery was performed to suppress growth and the process proceeded without complications.

McKenna is still in the hospital, but the doctors think the little girl will be able to return home to her family in the coming weeks.

C.a.n.c.e.r is a terrible disease and as a community we should be working for cancer patients.

McKenna did nothing to gain the pain and stress she had to endure. If she continues her fight, we should support her with our prayers.