Scientists Claim That Couples Who Fight a Lot Really Love Each Other

Scientists say couples who quarrel really love each other

According to recent surveys, 44% of married couples believe that fighting more than once a week helps them maintain healthy, productive relationships for a long time. In fact, couples who argue often but peacefully are more willing to stay together because, despite all the little misunderstandings, they know that their love is true and sincere.We learned why fighting from time to time can be beneficial for your relationships.

1. Fight relieves your grudge.

Being in a relationship is not so easy – when dealing with your partner, you must always push your limits. And if they do not do the same for you, you can start feeling annoyed.
If you do not argue with what’s important to you, your partner may think he can have anything he wants and your resentment will only grow. This is the way to an unhealthy relationship.
The best way to deal with this problem is to reveal your negative feelings and to show your partner that you both meet your own needs.

2. Fighting is a sign of a mature relationship.

Constant conflict prevention is certainly not the best way to build a lasting relationship. On the contrary, if you are able to express your opinion clearly when you argue, it means that you are ready to move your love to another level.
Seniors do not resort to personal attacks or shouting. Instead, they always try to find a compromise and improve their relationships with a solid argument.

3. Fights save you boredom.

Even if you have been together for several years, there will always be things you do not agree with. And it’s not bad at all – constructive conflicts can fuel the sparks of your relationship and make them more exciting.

Imagine how annoying your love would be if you agreed to everything! So do not panic the next time you feel there is going to be a fight between you and your loved one. Instead, try to make it more beneficial to your relationship and your future life together.

4. Fighting makes your communication easier.

To build trust in your relationship, you must not shut up. On the contrary, it is necessary to speak openly to your partner, to take responsibility for your actions and to listen to you attentively.

Because discussion is one of the most important and honest forms of communication, it is really helpful to speed up the feeling of intimacy, trust and attachment, and to empower your partner to communicate. more effectively with you.

5. The fight strengthens your connection.

When you argue with your partner, it does not matter if you win or lose. The most precious thing is that you learn a lot from each other and especially from yourself.
Small conflicts help you reveal your true nature and show your partner how to handle it. And if you manage to master all the challenges, you will learn to endanger and strengthen the connection between you.

6. Fight means that you are interested.

Of course, it’s much easier to ignore the habits of your partner that drives you crazy. But the fact that you are willing to bear all the pain and discomfort that you have trouble getting a better result in the future can be a sign of your true love.
In other words, arguing means getting more involved. Remember – how often do you fight with your parents or siblings? The same goes for your partner: if you argue a lot and always recover, it means you see the big picture with your loved one.

7. Fighting is a sign of a healthy relationship.

Psychologists believe that there are 7 key points for a healthy and happy relationship, and the argument is one of them. In fact, it can be a sign that something is wrong with them when a couple never argues.
Quarrels help couples rethink their values ​​and feelings by addressing and discussing things that are important to them. However, your argument must be healthy and not combative – always try to formulate your arguments without naming or expressing your voice.

8. Fight means that you are more likely to stay together.

According to some studies, the biggest mistake couples make is to avoid it – it often feels like something is wrong, but nothing is said. And this miscommunication becomes the most common reason for the breakup.

Although you may find that discussing sensitive topics does not help your relationship, this is not the case. Fighting allows you to focus on your problems and solve them before they get too big. As a result, couples who quarrel stay together for a long time.

9. The fight reveals your passion.

Some couples like violent clashes because they increase their hormone levels. Unconsciously, these people know that fighting is just a sign of their passion and their disagreement turns into an even more passionate makeup.

If you want to maintain a strong and successful relationship, you should avoid your feelings from time to time instead of holding them back. However, do not forget to formulate the arguments in a positive way.

Bonus: How to have a healthy fight with your partner

It is always important to remember that there is a difference between “good fight” and “bad fight” and that only the good fight can benefit your relationship.
Here are some tips to follow to turn your argument into a productive discussion:

Respect each other. These are two people with their own vulnerabilities. So do not go under the belt and put pressure on things that could irreversibly hurt your partner.
Excuse. If you’re wrong, admit it and say you’re sorry. You will not feel weaker in this little action. On the contrary, it will show your partner that you are still interested in them.
Stay in the thing. Never repeat the experience of your previous relationships or the mistakes of your partner that you have already published. You only have one point to discuss, so be specific.
Do not use third parties. If you involve your friends or family in your conflicts, your partner may feel isolated and disrespectful. Therefore, do your best to solve the problem yourself before contacting anyone.
How often do you fight with your partner? Do you always find a compromise? Tell us about your experience in the comments!