Company Turns Ashes Of People’s Beloved Pets Into Glass Replica Paws That Will Serve As A Memorial Forever

The company transforms the ashes of beloved pets into replicas of glass legs that serve as memorials forever.

Losing a loved one or an animal is one of the most difficult experiences of life.

To keep memories alive, many of us want to have a physical memory to keep them always at hand, something beautiful and meaningful that contains the essence of a deceased friend.

Specialized in this type of physical memory, Davenport Memorial Glass creates memories that fill a small amount of the ashes of a loved one of breathtaking glass art.

The animal’s paws are particularly popular and small enough that you can take a small piece of your beloved dog or cat with you wherever you go.

“Our goal is to physically preserve a moment and create a memory that evokes memories,” writes Davenport on his website. ”

Nothing compares to the time you spent with your loved one, but we hope to help you appreciate them and remind you of the precious time you spent together. ”

Although pets are an important part of our lives, there is no official custom to remember them.

When pet lovers do something, most people choose to bury their furry friends.

There are animal cemeteries and people can bury or cremate their pets with gravestones and statues, as we do for humans.

However, if you do not have a nearby animal graveyard and believe that an official burial is excessive, the Davenport Commemorative Coins are a tasteful alternative.


You just have to get a teaspoon of ashes and send them to Davenport. You can also get a pendant with a paw print as shown below.

“Eschenherz and his disciples, made from the ashes of a beautiful girl who was born in rock.”

Davenport manufactures ashless glass art, but only because of its aesthetic value.

This ancient art has existed for centuries and Davenport uses classical techniques combined with modern methods to create their masterpieces.