Study Discovers Children Raised Without Religion Are Kinder And More Empathetic

Study finds children educated without religion are more kind and empathic

A University of Chicago study has linked nonreligious education to friendliness. In fact, children who grew up without a religion were not only friendlier but also more empathic towards others.

Although most believe that religion and a higher power lead to better education, this study seems to suggest the opposite. Under the direction of Professor Jean Decety, the perceptions and behaviors of different children from six different countries were examined. They examined the likelihood of sharing children and their habits of judging others or punishing them for their bad behavior.

“Overall, our findings contradict … the widespread and widespread belief that religious children are more altruistic and friendly to others,” said the authors of The Negative Association (the negative association between religion and altruism of children around the world). ).

“In general, they wonder if religion is crucial for moral development and support the idea that the secularization of moral speech does not diminish human goodness, in fact, it will do exactly the opposite.”

When the researchers were asked to choose stickers, they looked after they were told there was not enough. They also showed the children movies in which children were pushing and pushing other children to see their reactions.

Their findings were very interesting and indicated that “religiosity influences the punitive tendencies of children”. Children of religious families “seem to judge the actions of others often with more judgment,” he said.

Altruism, as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, is a “disinterested and disinterested concern for the welfare of others”. However, the behavior of altruism, defined as altruistic, has worried scientists and scholars for years. The self-published 1976 Selfish Gene introduced the idea that altruism could actually be somewhat selfish at the genetic level.

Although further research is needed in this area, the study found a clear link between altruism and religion.

“It would be interesting to continue research in this area, but we hope that this will weaken the notion that the ethics of religion is inherently superior to the secular perspective.We suspect that people of all faiths and others share not the same ethical principles in their daily lives, even if they can express them differently according to the worldview. ”