Child calls 911 to report being left in hot car with 6 other kids

A child calls 911 to report being left with 6 other children in a hot car

A 37-year-old mother of two children was arrested and charged with locking children in a car.

The day of shopping for a mother from Maryland ended with her imprisonment after a small child named 911 claimed that he and six other children had been left in a car in heat, authorities said.

Charles County MPs received the call shortly after 1 pm Friday. The child told a 911 dispatcher that he did not know where he was, but the authorities were able to retrieve the call from a parking lot in a shopping center in St. Charles, Maryland, announced the sheriff’s office in Charles County in a statement with.

The seven children, aged 2 to 4, were found in the vehicle with the windows open. Authorities said the children were left unattended for at least 20 minutes.

“The officers helped the children get out of the car and Charles County Fire / EMS County provided on-site treatment,” the Sheriff’s office said.

According to WJLA, the children were “scared” and “sweaty”. Temperatures in the region were around 80 degrees on Friday. Authorities say the 4-year-old son used a car phone to call for help, the sales office said.

“It is forbidden by law to leave a child under the age of 8 unattended in a motor vehicle if the caregiver does not see it, unless a trusted person, at least 13 years old, stays with the car. ‘Child,’ said the sheriff.

“It is also dangerous to leave someone, including pets, in a car, especially when the outside temperature is warming up and the temperature of a parked car can become extremely high and even deadly in a time.”

A 37-year-old woman returned to the car about 10 minutes after the police. The woman, who is the mother of two of the children and cares for the other children, was arrested and charged with putting children in a motor vehicle. Authorities said they did not disclose the woman’s name to protect the children’s identity.

The charges against this woman are pending, according to the sheriff’s office