CATS: Having A Cat Protects Your Home From Ghosts And Evil Spirits

When it comes to animal protectors, most think about their dog, right? Someone breaks into your home… do you want them to be met by a cat or a dog? Most would say a dog. Cats are generally better known for their mysterious nine-lives, cuteness, and playfulness than their protective powers. However, did you know that cats have a secret protective power that may be drawing you to them as a guardian for your home? While an intruder of flesh and blood may be more fearful of a dog, there’s another intruder that isn’t too keen to meet your cat – negative, evil energy.

Cats Offer An Array Of Protective Powers
A cat’s aura is so big that it not only is embodied in its physical body but also by his home, family, and marked territory. In fact, those who communicate with spirits will not allow cats anywhere near the location because their auras are so powerful in deterring a spirit. Let’s explore four of a cat’s protective powers:

1. Cats Protect Against Negative Energy

Did you know that Russians once commonly brought a cat to any new home to rid it of undesirable auras and boost positive energy before they’d move into it?

Cats have a powerful astral force (aura) that naturally repeals negative energy and boosts positive energy. Have you ever noticed your cat intently staring at seemingly blank space or prowling around a particular area of your home? It very well may be because the cat senses negative energy in those spaces and is attempting to ensure you and your home are protected from the entities creating it. They’ll follow the energy around and swiftly determine its intentions.

Whether the negative energy already exists in the home from previous occupants and experiences or there’s a force trying to infiltrate your home from the outside, cats have an innate ability to detect such evil auras and rid them. They’re able to ambush and trap the evilness in their powerful energy field and escort it out and away from your home..

2. Cats Offer Protection From Evil Eyes And Curses

If a curse or evil eyes is what’s plaguing you or your home, your cat can also help protect you. Your cat works much like donning a protective amulet or talisman. Your cat can shield you for the malevolence others throw at you.

You must be holding your cat correctly with full contact for the full power of protection. Pick him/her up. Use your left hand to gently stroke the cat’s neck and your right hand to gently stroke the length of the cat’s tail.

3. Cats Offer Healing Powers

Cats are masters at healing powers, especially when it comes to emotional stressors. Simply lay down with your cat and stroke him/her from head to tail to unload the stress burden you’re carrying around with you.

4. Cats Offer Protection from Geopathogenic Zones

Geopathogenic zones are those that negatively affect its populace’s health over the long run because there’s a steady and thick flow of negative energies in the area. Your cat can offer you protection against the impacts of geopathogenic zones.

Different Types Of Cats Have Different Negative Energy Specialties

While all cats offer all the above protective and healing energies, each type of cat will have his or own specialty and be better at certain objectives than others.

1. Black Cats

Magic-wise, solid black cats are the most versatile. They’re excellent protection against curses and occult powers. They can quickly nullify negative energy that may be living in or around your home and boost positive energy. Owners will find their power of discernment increased.

2. Calico Cats

These are three-colored, usually burnt orange or red, black, and white, cats. They’re adept at protecting your home from all sorts of negative energy as they boost your prosperity and good fortune.

3. Two-Tone Cats

These cats can be a variety of any two color combinations. Gray and white are the most common combination. Two-tone cats boost your common sense and wisdom. Their energy helps you be as astute as possible.

4. Blue-Gray And Smoke-Gray Cats

Their fur is so grey as to look blue in certain lights. They have a calming and tranquil influence over your home and sense of self. They promote emotional stability by bringing love, joy, happiness, and light to the home.

5. Colorpoint Siamese Cats

Aside from being visually stunning and having eyes that hypnotically calm their owners, these cats are one of the most playful and mischievous breeds. They bring success, longevity, and personal promotion to their owners.

6. Tortoiseshell Cats

Many have green eyes with burnt orange and black fur. They’re majestic to behold, and most are pure energy since the majority of this breed is born female. Their healing and clairvoyant powers are off the charts.

7. Tabby Cats

Playfulness leads to a very light and refreshing atmosphere when this cat is present. They entertain and keep the owner balanced between attentive and distracted thought.

While these cats can be either sex, they’re strongly associated with raw male power. They bring financial food fortune, success, power, and focus.

Helping Your Cat Remove Heavy Negative Energy
The best thing you can do if you notice your cat behaving this way is to not disturb him/her in their investigation.

Once your cat has identified a problem, you can help remove the evil spirits and ghosts by going to the area and performing a cleansing ritual and prayer reading. White sage can be burned or rubbed in the spot. The smoke and particles from the white sage attaches to the negative energy to convert it into light energy.

What color is your cat and how does it’s aura affect your life? Considering getting a cat to guard your home’s energy or know someone who needs a cat for their own home? Tell us your thoughts, stories, and questions in the comments.