Cashier Gives $600 Lottery Ticket Winner Only $5 Without Knowing He’s An Undercover Cop

A cashier gives only $ 5 to winners of $ 600 lottery tickets without knowing he is a police officer under cover

Lottery tickets are common among people who feel happy. Whether you’re ready to try your luck or make quick money, they’re a bet that could pay off. However, it seems that we all have to pay a little more attention now if we cash our winning tickets.

There have been many cases of employees telling the winners that they really lost, just to pretend they were paying for the ticket, even if they kept the winnings for themselves! It is important that you check the ticket correctly to see if you have won so you will not be cheated by a cashier.

Crystelle Yvette Baton, a cashier, recently had problems because of this phenomenon. She worked at Winn-Dixie Liquors in Fort Myers, Fla., And ended up trying to shamefully frustrate one of her clients to see for herself a surprise!

A customer turned to Crystelle to receive the winnings on his lottery ticket. After scanning the note and finding the $ 600 bill a victory, Crystelle decided to deceive the man and keep the profits for himself. She told the man that the ticket was just a winner for $ 5, took the money from her own bag and made her feel ashamed.

The man claiming the ticket did not quarrel when he realized he was being cheated, but left peacefully. Crystelle thought she was clear! Without knowing it, she had deceived the bad customers this time. This man was not an ordinary customer at all! After leaving the area, he quickly returned to Crystelle’s register, revealing who he really was. The ticket was then found in the middle of his personal notebook!