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Can you spot the mouse hidden among the cats in this challenging brainteaser?

A REGULAR game of cat and mouse involves the mouse avoiding capture by the furry feline who is unable to secure a definitive victory over the speedy rodent. 

To avoid capture, the friendly mouse has buried itself among a group of cats in this illustration, but you’ll need to be sharp-eyed to find it.

Can you spot the hidden mouse in this illustration?
Credit: Twitter

This new brain teaser challenging the internet asks players to spot the mouse hidden in the picture, and while some have been able to pick it almost right away, others have struggled identifying the odd one out.

At first glance, all the animals appear the same which makes it difficult to spot the mouse who sports a unique characteristic setting it apart from the rest of the cats in the image.

The challenge was originally shared on Twitter and had some users absolutely stumped.

But are you able to spot the mouse among the dozens of cats? If you’re stuck, scroll down for a sneak peak.

Some people found it straight away while others struggled for some time

The little guy is buried up near the top-right corner of the image – about three rows down just to the right of the centre.

If you managed to spot the mouse, you’ll notice it’s the only animal in the picture with rounded ears, with all of the cat’s ears being pointy.

While the mouse may have been spotted by many eagle-eyed players, let’s hope he manages to escape before one of the cats spot him.