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Bride Born With No Legs Ditches Her Wheelchair So She Can Walk Down The Aisle

After three years of dating, Mario Perez and Rosie Babor of Cebu, Philippines finally got married on October 5 in Cebu City, Philippines.
The couple’s love story went viral online when the video showed Rosie born without legs, was ‘walking’ down the aisle.
The bride shared that she decided to not use her wheelchair to make the moment ‘more more special.’
There’s nothing stopping this wedding! This is a heartwarming and amazing moment. Donning a beautiful wedding dress and holding a bridal bouquet on her left hand, the bride ‘walked’ down the aisle using her right hand and hips.

The bride previously had plans of using her wheelchair for her special day but eventually she decided to ditch it.

Those in attendance took photos and videos as the lovely bride made her way towards her groom.

“I wanted everything to be perfect for my wedding. So I knew I had to walk down the aisle. It made the day much more special, overcoming that difficulty.”

A wedding in the middle of a pandemic, so only a small number of their friends and loved ones were permitted to attend the ceremony.
Arvin Sumagang, a friend of the couple, said:

“We are happy that the wedding was finally pushed through. They had to cancel several plans because of the pandemic. Their story is inspiring and I am happy that they found each other.”

Source: Elitereaders.com, Dailymail.co.uk