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Boy Visits Mom’s Grave, Shows His Homework And Then Falls Asleep Using Backpack As Pillow.

It is never easy to lose a loved one, particularly when that loved one is a kid. Though grief comes and goes, the pain and loneliness left by the loss of a loved one never really go away entirely.

While most individuals set aside certain days to pay their respects to loved ones, this Mexican child couldn’t get over the death of his mother and would frequently visit her grave. As long as he could spend time with her, he was okay.

One of his trips was captured on tape, and the footage made hundreds of individuals break out into tears. It’s a story of undying love, dedication, and respect.

As he wandered through the cemetery, he circled for a time, looking for his mother’s grave. When he spotted it, he placed a bouquet of flowers on it and went to get something from his backpack. Later, it seemed as if the young boy was showing his mother his homework, which was placed in a plastic folder.


The boy knelt at the grave after reading his assignment to her and began stroking it, talking to his mom, and praying for her. The gesture, which occurred for a couple of minutes, was tearjerking.

His head was down as he stroked the grave, and he wiped his tears sometimes. People passing by saw him sharing a tender moment with his mom, yet they left him alone so he could continue spending time with her.


When the boy was finally done, he placed his backpack on the ground, laid his head on top of it, and fell asleep. It didn’t matter that his beige trousers were soiled on the floor; what meant most to him was that he was with his mother.

It’s unknown how long the youngster sat at his mother’s grave, but a guy with a guitar decided to wake him up since the cemetery was closing. Without question, the boy picked up his things, gave his mother one last hug, and walked away as if to say “see you later.”


Clips of his visit quickly went viral on social media, especially on TikTok, where they received over 1.9 million likes and 12,000 comments. The touching video was also posted on YouTube, where people made sure to leave their comments.

“Very painful to watch. May the boy find peace. May his mum’s soul rest in eternal peace. May she keep watching over his son.”, one wrote.

The youngster loved his mom so much that he made a point of visiting her in the grave—evidence that real love exists and is eternal.

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