Boy, 7, Saves His 20-Year-Old Sister from Drowning in Pool After She Had a Seizure and Fell in

Boy, 7, rescues his 20-year-old sister from drowning in the pool after an epileptic seizure and falls there

A little boy from Georgia is called a hero after saving his sister from drowning in a pond after she has fallen into it.

Twenty-year-old Morgan Smith was at the bottom of the pool last week when she suddenly saw black spots, CBS 47 Action News JAX reported on Tuesday.

Smith has no memory of what happened next.

Seven-year-old Aiden McCullough told the news agency that her sister had an epileptic seizure and had fallen behind.

I thought, ‘Oh my god. Oh my God. She will die, “Aiden told Action News JAX.

When Aiden acted quickly, she grabbed Smith by the hair and held her over the water, as seen from the socket. He said he was screaming for help until someone rushed out.

Smith said she was so grateful now. She is grateful to Aiden for being “in the right place at the right time”.

For her, Aiden is more than a heroine, he is an “angel”.

“I know there are real angels because I have the chance to call them mine, I have a superhero every day in my life,” Smith told Action News JAX.

Aiden is also enthusiastic.

“I think it’s great,” said Aiden, saving his sister for Action News JAX. “I will never forget him.”

Since the incident, the connection between Smith and Aiden has intensified.

“I love you and I’m so grateful for you every day,” Smith told Aiden. “You’re my hero forever and I’m just grateful to call you my little brother, Sissy still loves you.”

“I still love you too,” Aiden said softly.

Smith told CNN she drowned if her younger brother had not done so.

“She has never been taught how to help,” she said. “He just knew I had to be helped and I did it.”