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Believe it or not, here are 8 hidden things that make a lady attractive to men

What is it that makes a woman attractive to men? Is it the way she smells? The way she walks into a room? Or how she goes above and beyond for a guy, willing to be completely selfless for the man she loves and the wellbeing of their relationship? Well, the answer is an mixture of womanly charms, physical traits, qualities, attitudes, behaviors and many more.

In this article, we will show you the most hidden things that make a lady attractive to men

1. Head Tilt

Yes, how you tilt your head can make you more or less attractive to other people. An Australian study found that men are more attracted to women than tilt their heads at a particular angle. In the study, men were more frequently attracted to women who were tilting their heads at a slightly forward angle so that they were looking up.

2. High Pitched Voice

Although some women try for a low, sultry voice when they feel sexy, studies suggest that men find the opposite attractive. Most men find a higher-pitched voice more attractive than a lower voice. This seems to remain to be true even when women are attempting to be more attractive. Next time you want to be sexy, leave your voice as it is rather than trying to

3. Good Hair

Many men are attracted to a woman with good hair. According to one survey, 89 percent of men look at hair first. Most men are attracted to a woman with long, flowing hair that they can run their fingers through and play with. Men are also attracted to a woman with thicker hair or curly hair.

4. A Sense of Humor

Most men will agree that a woman must have a good sense of humor to be attractive. But how men and women judge a sense of humor is different. A study that surveyed men and women about traits they found attractive found that men are more attracted to a woman who finds humor funny rather than having a distinct sense of humor of their own.

5. Adventurous

Surveys have found that most men are attracted to an adventurous woman and are willing to take some minor risks. A woman who is willing to try new things and take some reasonable risks is much more attractive than a woman that does not want to have adventures big or small.

6. The Right Walk

How a woman walks can also be considered either attractive or unattractive. A swinging gait that swings the hips back and forth is considered the best type of walk. Some women have this walk naturally, while other women may only walk down when they wear heels.

Additional things:

6. Studies have shown that men like it when women subtly mirror their actions. For example, if he touches his hair, wait a few moments and then casually touch your hair.

7. Time to assemble the girl squad. Researchers have found that women appear even more attractive in groups, calling this the “cheerleader effect.”

8. Regardless of attractiveness or body size, in one study men at a British university preferred women who had positive personality traits like openness, kindness, and assertiveness.