Being Single Is Better Than Being With Someone Who Doesn’t Give A Shit

Being single is better than having someone to play with.
Someone who thinks it’s okay to have you leave for as long as possible, because you’ll definitely be there, waiting for them to change their behavior and make you shit.

Being single is better than being with someone who thinks it’s their right to have their cake and eat too. Someone who always wants to see what else is, because he finds the charm and what he has to offer as special and irreplaceable, that it is a pity to share it with one person.

Being single is better than being with someone who is constantly separating from you. Someone who does not give you a sense of stability. You do not need a flaky person in your life. You deserve more than that.

If someone can not decide what he wants in life, you should help him and choose him. And you should decide to leave them forever.

Being single is better than staying with someone who prefers to hang out with friends rather than spending time with them. Someone who has trouble being faithful to a person.
Being single is better than being with someone who is not someone who does not really give themselves. You do not need half of the things in your life. They consume your energy and make you feel empty and dissatisfied.

Stay alone because it’s better than being in an “almost” relationship with someone. Almost not enough. Not knowing where to stand with someone is not attractive, especially if you are looking for a committed relationship.

You deserve love. They deserve constancy. They deserve stability. You deserve someone with whom you will have a real relationship.
It’s better to stay single than to settle for less than you deserve.

Never forget your value. They do not deserve to be someone maybe. They do not deserve to be an option. You are NOT half of a person, so do not accept heartless relationships.