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Being A Good Person

There are many kind people in this life. You can meet them in different places and circumstances. They are the ones who bring happiness and peace to others and to this life.

Good people are not divided based on religion. Any religion will direct people to good things. Besides, any belief will never affect the good qualities inside everyone.

Good people also are not shown in their social positions or their skin colors. They are not even classified by political opinions or the cultural background where they are living. In any circumstances or in any environment, there are also good people and bad people living.
It depends on how you behave to other people around you. When you love and care for other people, when you are willing to help the people in difficulties, when you are brave enough to protect those who need helps, and when you feel happy for someone who is happy, then it doesn’t even matter who you are, where you were born or which circumstance you were raised, what your religion or belief is, you are a good person.