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Be Happy With The Little You Have

Have you ever been sad because you are not rich, not talented, do not have many friends, do not have beautiful love like in fairy tales? Actually, even what you have is small, it is happiness.

Even if the money you have is just enough to cover your daily life, you are luckier than those who have no income. You are so much luckier than people who cannot make money and have to depend on others.

Even if you are not too talented, you can still do jobs that match your ability. Be happy about that, because any work is precious. As long as you love your work, you will do well and get results.

Even if you do not have many friends or romantic love, you still have family and your loved ones that care for you. It is not much but the quality is always more important than quantity.

So, please cherish and enjoy the small inheritance that you have. There are so many people out there who have nothing in their hands and still smile.