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Bar Puts These On Windshields.

A local Bar Puts These On Windshields of vehicles left in their parking lot over night.

This is not only amazingly brilliant at making customers think twice before drinking and driving which is against the law. It just goes to show how much this bar values the safety of all their customers. All too often you hear of accidents due to drink driving accidents. It is so very generous that they are willing to give free food and they deserve a lot of respect. They are the great citizens here!

The note goes as follows…

“The Wolftrap Club thanks you for choosing to get a ride home, taking a taxi or other means of transportation at the end of a night of drinking. Making a good decision may have kept you from getting arrested or having a tragic accident. You deserve a big ‘THANK YOU’ for being a good citizen.

We would like to offer you a choice of any food item we have on our menu free of charge.

From your bartenders at the Wolftrap.

Limit of use: one per day, Expires one week from date issued.”

Source – Reddit