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Baby With Down Syndrome Rejected By Twenty Different Families Meets Single Man Wanting To Care For Her

Around the world, countless children are in foster care and orphanages, waiting to find their forever homes.

Too often, children who are legally up for adoption will remain in care until they age out and are left to navigate the adult world without any family at their side.

A single father has revealed the joy his adopted daughter with Down’s syndrome has brought to his life, after she was rejected by 20 other families.

Luca Trapanese, 41, from Italy, has gained thousands of followers across social media from documenting his life with his adopted daughter Alba (pictured together at home with their cat Giorgio)

Luca Trapanese, 41, from Naples, Italy, who adopted his daughter, Alba, when she was just 13-days-old has gained thousands of followers on Instagram from sharing their lives together.

Luca claims that as a single gay man, he was told by social services that he would only be able to adopt a child with special needs or behavioural issues. But having volunteered and worked with people with disabilities since his teens, he was not deterred.

He said: ‘She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I am proud to be her dad. I wanted her to be my daughter.’

The singleton had always wanted to be a father but was aware that social services in Italy don’t usually grant custody to single, homosexual men.

The 41-year-old believes his experience of working with people who have disabilities gave him the right knowledge and experience to adopt Alba, the pair pictured playing together at home earlier this month

Luca, decided to share his adoption journey in a book that he has recently written, explaining the way that his story has shattered stereotypes and is changing the way that people look at families. Adopting children is usually very complicated for single parents and homosexual parents in Italy.

Luca was no stranger to special needs since he had experience working in care centers where he helped those struggling with issues just like Alba, according to The Daily Mail.

Despite knowing the tremendous responsibility that comes along with Down syndrome, Luca wasn’t worried about Alba’s diagnosis and was convinced that they would make the perfect family. Luca points out that having children has been one of his life-long dreams, and we’re sure that Alba is happy that he decided to pursue that goal!

Luca adopted Alba (pictured being fed for one of the first times) when she was just 13-days old, she was given up for adoption by her mother because she has Down’s Syndrome

Look at the vast array of pictures that Luca shares on his social media accounts, it looks like he and little Alba share a close bond and have a lot of fun together! From eating out together to snuggling, the dad and daughter certainly do appreciate one another’s company.

We’re so glad that Alba had such a happy ending to her story and that Luca was given the opportunity to be a dad!


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