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Baby boy dubbed “Mowgli” after being born with two inches of black hair

One glance at little Oscar Jones and you’d be forgiven for thinking he looks incredibly like Mowgli from The Jungle Book.

This baby boy has been dubbed ‘Mowgli’ by his adoring parents thanks to his thick mop of black hair.

Little Oscar Jones’ hair was so long that it was spotted on the scan before he was born, estimating it was already 1cm long.

But parents Sara Morris, 36, and Joshua Jones, 29, were blown away when 7lb 8oz Oscar was born with an astonishing 5cm of thick jet black hair.

His locks were so flowing he needed his first haircut at just eight weeks, and his mum gets stopped in the street by admirers who notice his long mop.

Now 20 weeks since the c-section, mum Sara, from Helsworth, Devon, said his unique look has earned him the nickname Mowgli after the Disney Jungle Book character.

Needless to say, his parents were taken back with the amount of hair when he emerged. According to reports, they had to take him for his first haircut aged just eight weeks old.

Parents Sara Morris, 36, and Joshua Jones, 29, say they often get admirers commenting on his locks when they’re out and about.

With Oscar now 20-weeks old, Sara says they’ve dubbed him Mowgli.

Sara suffered with pregnancy diabetes when she was pregnant with Oscar. After one particular week in May, where she experienced intense heartburn, she and Joshua decided to go to the doctors. It was then, on scans, they saw Oscar’s hair for the first time.

“We went for a regular checkup, and learned that Oscar had 1cm of hair already. So we were expecting him to have some head hair when he was born. But we didn’t expect quite as much as we we got!

At the time of writing, baby Oscar boasts almost five inches of black hair on his head. Perhaps if I ask nicely he’ll let me borrow some!

What a cheeky little chap Oscar is. And what beautiful locks!

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