Babies ‘Should Share Mother’s Bed Until Age Three’ Because It’s Good For Their Hearts

Babies should share the mother’s bed until they are three years old because it’s good for their heart

As far as parents are concerned, everyone seems to have an opinion, and rightly so, especially if they are parents themselves. But what about controversial topics? Is there a good or bad way to educate your children? Are there some things you should or should not do? Of course, some things are more important than others. According to new pediatrician recommendations, children should sleep with their mothers in bed until they are three years old. ”

A recent article in Dr. Ing’s Daily Mail. Nils Bergman, of Cape Town University, South Africa, said: “Their hearts were also more stressed … Sleeping alone prevents mother and child from connecting – and hurts brain development , which leads to bad behavior, if Child grows up … ”

Several studies have suggested that sleeping together leads to a sudden death of the child. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that these deaths have other critical factors and that babies should not sleep alone.

As Dr. James McKenna Ph.D. The Mother-Child Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at Notre Dame University and author of Sleeping with Her Baby: A Guide for Parents. Countries with the highest number of mothers sleeping with their babies have the lowest infant mortality rate. And it’s important to consider these additional factors when recommending that mothers sleep with their baby in the same bed, in the same room, in separate beds, or in a separate room.

In an article in The Independent, Dr. Berman comments on some of these factors: “If babies are choked and children die, it’s not because their mother is present. factors: toxic fumes, cigarettes, alcohol, big pillows and dangerous toys. ”

“Animal studies have linked the combination of stress and sleep deprivation with behavioral problems in adolescents, and brain changes caused by stress hormones can make relationships more difficult and cause problems such as that promiscuity. ” added.

Whichever way you choose to sleep with your baby, it is recommended to read Dr. med’s article. McKenna, mentioned in the following sources, explains the controversy surrounding sleeping together and can help you make the optimal decision based on your lifestyle, financial situation and home.

Extra tip:

If you have doubts about sleeping together and your safety, you can practice it by rocking your baby in a separate cradle next to your bed. “If you put the cradle or cradle in your room, your baby will always be with you – just steps away,” says Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH, a family doctor living in Kingsport, Tenn., And co-author of the guide “Mom Pregnancy Guide “and birth. “But it’s in its cradle where a baby can sleep the safest, the cradle of your baby should be his refuge, it’s the best – for her and for you – and what will help you sleep the most!”