At The End Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

A woman who really cares about you and who loves you will give you a lot of chances before you finish trying. Do everything to get your bullshit together before she realizes her life would be better without you!

If a woman falls in love, she is not the perfect man. She is not looking for a present waiting to be unpacked. She is looking for a man who is trying to grow. She admits it will be a lot of work, but she falls in love with you just because she sees potential. She sees what kind of man you can be, if you have only struggled stronger and offered to become a better person.

A woman will love you unconditionally. It will be by your side through all odds, but you opt for it, as most men do. Most women have so much patience and believe deeply in them that the man will change. They invest their time, money, emotions and spirit to help you and get you on the right track.

This often does not end well. She is broken and about to fall apart. If a man loses his chance, he will never look back. This is because when a woman has finished, she is finished. At this point, nothing that man will do will convince them to come back. She did her best to stay, but she has had enough! She realizes she should not waste time with you anymore because you do not deserve it. They do not deserve their tears!

Like most men, you will choose to continue. The truth is that any other woman you meet will never do him justice. Women will never be close to what you do not like. They will love you better. If things are not going well, they will go because nobody will love you anymore to stay.

They will then wake up and realize that she has disappeared forever. That she chose to be with someone who was also with her. Someone who wanted to love him back, something you never did. They may even cross each other in the future, but she does not care. She will not notice you because she is so happy with her love right now.

All you have to do is thank the woman who believed in you when no one else did. The woman who noticed you when you were invisible. You must live with the regret of having lost it because it has been and remains an important part of your life. You will regret not having changed when you could and not having matured when you had the opportunity You will regret not having done your best to concentrate on you.

At this point you will realize what you have had and what you have lost. It was unique, but you let it go!